Management of MS-eXchange users

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    The company developed systems through the customer's Exchange Server to send mail on the Internet for many programs, current the Java Bridge to Exchange to solve the problem, now code posted out. public cla

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    eGroupware Introduction eGroupware is a multi-user, collaborative work-based PHP development suite. Currently available modules include: email (IMAP/POP3), address book, calendar, document management, bookmarks, Wiki, work flow and other, more suitab

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    April 14, IDF2010 Intel Developer Forum in Beijing last day. Canonical's fortunate enough to interview the company's three executives (bottom photo), if the Canonical company to give readers some doubts, then the company's flagship product must let y

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    Open Source Monitoring Software 1, Zenoss Core Zenoss Core is the open source enterprise-class IT management software - is an intelligent monitoring software, he allows IT administrators to rely on a single network architecture WEB console to monitor

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    Introduction of a Hyperic HQ (1) Features Hyperic HQ is an open source (General Public License, GPL license) IT resource management framework for a unified user interface to manage a variety of IT resource management, Hyperic HQ can monitor and manag

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    A About Hyperic HQ (1) Introduction Hyperic HQ is an open source (General Public License, GPL license) IT resource management framework, allowing users to use a unified interface to manage a variety of IT resource management, Hyperic HQ to monitor an

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    <p mce_style="text-align: left; "> switched <br> <br> <br> The following is a list of open-source Web applications . Nothing to say, crazy. In particular, it is a bunch of Web 2.0. I

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    First, go to Control Panel [Mail] establish outlook Profile Second, the reference information new outlook Profile Third, configure the Informatica PowerCenter Server 1 Open the Informatica Power Center -> Informatica Server Setup -> Configuration 2

  • 疯狂的Web应用开源项目 2014-03-27

    下面是一个Web应用的开源列表.没什么可说的,太疯狂了.尤其是Web 2.0那一堆.我不知道你怎么想,有些开源项目的源码写得挺不好的,尤其是性能方面.或许你会以为改一改他们就可以成为为自己所用,不过,改这些开源的项目还真不容易.玩玩还可以. 数字媒体 相册(Flickr, Picasa) Gallery,基于PHP + MySQL的Web相册.非常易于使用,包括一个配置向导,对于相片的操作包括自动生成缩略图.相片的大小改变.选择.排序等. Piwigo,基于PHP + MySQL.配备了强大的功

  • CMD进入控制面板的命令小结 2015-02-11

    CMD下访问控制面板页只能调用CPL实现,BY直接运行*.CPL文件,服务通过WMI可以直接执行命令行操作,或者调用SERVICES.MSC实现,桌面直接进入用户设置文件夹查看 启动控制面板大全 控制面板 模块: control.exe 命令: rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL 结果: 显示控制面板窗口. 例子: Dim x x = Shell("rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL") 辅助选项

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