macbook on mac systems and the installation of xp system

First, install mac system, installed after install xp.

Preparation: mac mac computer and the corresponding installation disc, xp installation disk.


1. The mac installation CD into the drive, restart the computer, hold down the option key, select the disc.

2. Select "Disk Utility", to the disk partition, only minutes a zone.

3. To start the installation.

Bahrain a mac, we began the installation of xp.


1. Mac systems to xp installation disk into the drive.

2. In the mac system, in the application, select "Utilities" -> "Boot Camp Assistant" and then the xp partition, and then click on "start the installation."

3. Installation, to choose c drive installed, formatted using a quick format, do not select cover.

4. Bahrain after the computer restart, the mac system disk into the drive, in the xp system, to install the mac driver xp system.

5. Finished.

Note: It is rather beside the point, if your xp is the English system, Chinese Language Pack can not do, so you xp system, the xp installation disk into the drive,

Then choose the regional language install files for east Asian languages, the system will automatically read the disk to install the Chinese language pack. Installed outside, select the third tab: "Advanced", select the first drop-down menu, select "Chinese (PRC)", restart the computer, Chinese language problem can be solved.

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