mac development environment to deploy ror

I do not have any type of unix experience, so middle of the book while watching the linux side found the web page, which eventually led

Rubystack package also has a good selection mistake, very labor-saving, but the version or should not want to install the deployment of up to are quite labor-saving.

Mac because of under five have not yet ready, I will omit the n-character has just installed a pole in Chinese Vocabulary, hoping a good point, bad or not in the cool under Win.


To add a perfect look, but also to facilitate their later use, first use the mac, put their own feelings packed chaos chaotic systems, and in any event, first ride up the environment can be used again. os

mac os x version comes with a ruby1.8.6 also brought sqlite3, I do not trust or full-installed again

Mac port used to install some of the underlying common software, such as what git, so more convenient, try to find a dmg format, can not compile the compiler does not own as much as possible to find ready-made.

Writing in the above preparation to a small project, finished re-re-loaded a fresh point

gem: cleanup in under os x 10.5.5 problem, see, because of relatively vegetables, did not dare to conclude 22gem-cleanup% 22-on-OS-X-10.5-td20389268.html

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