Linux will appear side frame under the Jfreechart

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Also from the Internet search to the two methods:

The first,

1. Confirm% JavaHome% / jre / lib / fonts directory there zysong.ttf
2. In% JavaHome% / jre / lib / fonts directory on the implementation of "ttmkfdir-o fonts.dir" command, to re-generate fonts.dir file
3. Sure / usr / share / fonts / zh_CN / TrueType directory exists, create if not exist mkdir
4. Sure / usr / share / fonts / zh_CN / TrueType directory exists zysong.ttf
5. In% JavaHome% / jre / lib directory, the implementation of cp

6. And then restart weblogic, OK ~


1. From the window to find something simsun.ttc fonts

2. To% JavaHome% / jre / lib / fonts folder path to create fallback

3. Will simsun.ttc font into the% JavaHome% / jre / lib / fonts / fallback / under

4. And then restart weblogic, OK ~

Using ssh to connect to the linux machine, then run: env | grep JAVA

Is to check the JAVA environment variable configuration of the path.

But it. Some have built-in weblogic jdk and jre.

Therefore we must pay attention.
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