linux view the cpu, io and other activities ttxtxi system

View System Information (bjchenxu)
cat / proc / cpuinfo - CPU (ie vendor, Mhz, flags like mmx)
cat / proc / interrupts - interrupts
cat / proc / ioports - Device IO Port
cat / proc / meminfo - memory information (ie mem used, free, swap size)
cat / proc / partitions - all partitions of all equipment
cat / proc / pci - PCI device information
cat / proc / swaps - Swap partition information for all
cat / proc / version - Linux version number of the equivalent of uname-r
uname-a - look at the system kernel and other information


1. View the CPU usage of the command
"" Refresh every 5 seconds, the most right side CPU occupancy rate of the data
$ Vmstat 5
"" Top and then press Shift + P, in accordance with the process of sorting processor utilization
$ Top

2. View the memory usage of the command
"" With the free command to see memory occupancy
$ Free
"" Top and then press Shift + M, in accordance with the sorting process memory occupancy rate
$ Top

3. View the network traffic
"" Can use tools iptraf tool
$ Iptraf-g
"" Interface for a network traffic can compare two time network interface to get the RX and TX data
$ Date; ifconfig eth1
$ Date; ifconfig eth1

4. View the disk i / o
"" See with iostat disk / dev/sdc3 disk i / o case, refresh every two seconds
$ Iostat-d-x / dev/sdc3 2
"" Vmstat view with some of the information io

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