Linux Administrator Diary (1) - Linux server installation complete fool Manual


From the desktop to the server from the operating system to embedded systems, from the scattered applied to the entire industry began to take shape, Linux has emerged as a booming trend. Set up the topic by using virtual machine network lab environment, to explain the server configuration in practical network management software with Webmin, not out of new ideas, so that users can be done in Windows, Linux server installation.

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As the bird people love the little penguins as from the moment of birth, Linux on to have a close, pleasant face to attract the attention of the world's tens of thousands of computer enthusiasts. Now, from the desktop to the server, from operating systems to embedded systems, from the scattered applied to the entire industry began to take shape, Linux has emerged as a booming trend. Followed by the industry in many large companies to Linux professionals desire also increased sharply! Influential group of well-known companies such as IBM, HP, Dell, Lenovo, wave and others have a tendency to rapid enrollment of Linux professionals. Meanwhile, in practical applications, some users tired of the Windows operating system, want to learn about Linux, but fear of re-partition Linux; some users have installed multiple operating systems, but need to switch only when the operating system re- Fun ... ... how to quickly start the Linux operating system has become both a hot and sensitive topic.

How to do? Practical is the last word. Set up the topic by using virtual machine network lab environment, to explain the server configuration in practical network management software with Webmin, not out of new ideas, so that users can be done in Windows, Linux server installation!

First, install the Linux operating system on Windows

Installing Linux on Windows operating systems? Many users in surprise, may be thinking: my computer can do this? The answer is yes! And "multi-start" system compared to, VMware does not require a reboot will be able to use the same computer several operating systems. VMware can be a part of the computer hard disk and memory combinations, each machine has its own separate CMOS, hard drive and operating system, we can machine the same as they use ordinary partition, format, install the operating system and application software, this number can also be linked into a network operating system. In this way, a computer can easily out number the virtual machine.


The so-called virtual machine, is a true virtual computer out of a computer, run two or more operating systems. It to the original operating system, based on the use of additional hard disk space to create a virtual computer. "Virtual machine" is just a program, because all the operations carried out are virtual, so you can try a virtual machine on some dangerous operation, of course, all this is safe.

Here, in order to VMware 5.0 + Redhat 9.0, for example, for the security technology enthusiasts to create a perfect Linux server platform.

1, the basics of the virtual platform

In the virtual platform of the testing process, VMware needs an operating system as the basic platform that HOST OS (main system), the HOST OS running on other systems call GUEST OS (subsystem or client system). Here are the most frequent and most useful of several devices.

1 card. HOST OS and virtual network card for communication between the GUEST OS, you can create a standard TCP / IP or NETBEUI bridge. In the virtual machine, the card brands are popular, Windows 9X/NT/2000/Linux can themselves identify and drive.

2, the hard disk. Virtual DISK IDE device and Existing PARTITION two ways. The first approach, in a truly large file on the hard disk as a virtual machine's entire hard drive. User in a virtual machine in any operation carried out in this big file, will not affect the real system data. Advantage of this approach is safe, do not worry about the data problem. If the second approach, that is open to the true partition the virtual machine to use the advantage of the existing system can be run directly, the downside is that if not careful may affect the useful data on the hard drive.

3, drive. Virtual floppy drive and optical drive is relatively simple, and basically share the main system, the disc can be read into the herd. Downloaded from the Internet such as Linux ISO file without burning a CD can be installed directly.

4, the graphics card. VMware has become a simulation of the video called "VMware SVGA (FIFO)" model, and comes with drivers for this card, as long as it is installed, you can make a virtual resolution of the system and increase the number of colors.

5, sound card. Sound simulation in a virtual machine be good for the compatibility of a device, almost all of the operating system can self-identify and drive. As for the virtual machine's voice instructions how real sound card and speakers to sound, this series of conversion to be done by VMware.

Therefore, in the virtual machine's devices and the actual equipment is completely different, VMware in order to ensure system compatibility and stability, the existing devices are virtual as standard, the best compatible devices. As the actual drives the process is still running on the local system, the driver, in fact, not much lower efficiency.

2, Redhat Linux operating system installed

Step 1: VMware software installation. This process is very simple, downloaded directly to "Next" to complete the installation. Installed, we will find more than two virtual network card, the user can use the VMware virtual network card for network settings and test.

Step 2: Create a new virtual machine. By clicking the "New Virtual Machine" icon, select a prompted to install the operating system, usually choose typical settings, then press "Next" button. Figure 1.

Linux Administrator Diary (1) - Linux server installation complete fool Manual

Figure 1

Step 3: Start the virtual machine. This process and the PC boot process is no different, starting with self, then press F2 to enter BIOS setup. Each virtual machine has its own BIOS. Virtual machine to use PHOENIX BIOS, the first mouse click on the virtual machine window to receive mouse and keyboard input, you can be related to BIOS settings. This interface consists of "Main (Main Menu)", "Advanced (Advanced)", "Security (security)", "Power (Power)", "Boot (start)" and "Exit (exit)", you can use the up and down arrows switch option, use the left and right arrows to switch between the six main options. Modification is completed by left and right arrows to enter the "Exit (Exit)" option to return to the main start screen. Shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Step 4: virtual operating system installation. Set image ISO file or CD into the CD-ROM drive, into the operating system installation process, otherwise the virtual machine will prompt the operating system not found. If the CD does not start, you need to set the BIOS boot order. Installation is complete, click on the virtual machine interface at the top left of the toolbar's "turn the power on" button, as pressing a computer switch. Other buttons are off, suspend, reset button. Among them, the suspend mode allows virtual machines to record the current state, the next you can choose to use Resume to resume the suspended running to then work.

Step 5: Switch to the virtual machine. Into the virtual platform, it will block out all of the host computer's mouse or keyboard, but we can press "Ctrl + Alt" key combination to return to the host system. Virtual machine restart, shutdown, etc. for both the host computer for the virtual, but the virtual machine to install the operating system is real. Therefore, the installed operating system, virtual machine, as first by the "Start" menu shutdown. The virtual machine can not be forced off the power, otherwise, when the virtual machine will be like next time you start the computer as a real test disk. The process of installing Linux interface shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

3, installation of additional tools

Redhat Linux 9 This provides a powerful graphical Gnome desktop environment. Users can this environmental management system applications, files and all system resources. After completion of the above equipment, we found that in the lower left corner VMware software has a hint: "You did not install VMware Tools". So, how to install VMware Tools do?

Step 6: Start the virtual machine in Linux system and login as root into Linux. Press CTRL + ALT key combination to switch to a real computer system. Note that there is a installation tips, if the ISO file to install the operating system, it is best to re-load the installation file and restart the system, so the system will automatically find the VMware Tools installation files.

Step 7: Click the "Virtual Machine" menu "Install VMware Tools" option, install VMware Tools. With RedHat Linux, for example, then the system will automatically jump out of the installation files. Now, we see two installation files are rpm and tar.gz file format. Shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Step 8: Select "VMwareTools-5.0.0-13124.tar.gz" file, right-click, pop-up menu, select "Open With" option under the "File Roller", which is more similar to the one and WinRar file. Figure 5.

Figure 5

Step 9: Select-extracting file, click "Extract" button, choose the destination folder "/ root / VMTools". Figure 6.

Figure 6

Step 10: Extract is completed, open the start bar "System Tools" under the "terminal", enter "cd / root / VMTools" command into the / root / VMTools directory, you can now see the extract from the installation files the. Can be found, the installation files are in the "VMware-tools-distrib" this directory.

Step 11: Using "cd VMware-tools-distrib" command into the VMware-tools-distrib directory, you will find a installation files. Type ". /" command, you can start the installation VMTools the. Figure 7.

Figure 7

To this step, the system will be prompted to back up existing files and links, it is recommended to use the default option, simply press the Enter key. Install the default parameter settings, the installation is complete, restart the system. (The above file name for reference, the user can name the installation folder)

Step 12: Install VMware Tools again after landing a RedHat Linux system, now will feel the color in the image and sound quality are greatly improved. Meanwhile, the mouse in the virtual machine, move freely between the host, switch; allows host and client or between virtual machines from one machine to another virtual copy and paste directly between operations. At this time, users have a pleasant feeling.
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