lighttpd + fastcgi built a server how to preserve the status of server

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Requirements: server-side has much static files, there is much use of c + + to prepare the operational components necessary to carry out these functions on the external packaging Published Service, server-side state required to preserve the client (similar to the function of session) and some server-side state, and server functionality may be enhanced such as web management interface to add and so on;

Preliminary solutions are: using lighttpd + fastcgi to set up the server, fastcgi process can be directly used c + + to write, this can directly call the c + + to prepare the business components, but is too much trouble to add the server to the state of the maintenance function, because fastcgi the process of implementation are many, it is necessary to share state, then we must carry out inter-process communication, the initial ideas are the introduction of a memory database, the state of information are put on the inside, if you want to add web management interface using php to write, But the overall feeling in this way is not very easy to achieve, especially with c + + written in the late fastcgi process maintenance and upgrades.

There is also a mind to use java to write server are using JNI to call c + + components, state management would not have to worry about, but the c + + components into a JNI is not a small workload, so are more trouble

Perhaps the basic situation, and I hope everyone will listen to recommendations, I would like to thank

Another: lighttpd / Fastcgi approach can be used to deploy RoR, do not know if this deployment is how the fastcgi implementation, and in server-side are how to maintain state if it is possible to learn from? Since I have never used RoR, so would like to ask everyone

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