Let Firefox into the ultimate web design tools

Through the appropriate configuration, Firefox can become a super web design tools,

Real-time design web pages so that you can style, testing and editing HTMl file Javascript. We only need to install the following extensions can be achieved a rich variety of web editing.

Important: Because we usually less than these extensions, so it is best to establish a separate Firefox profile, so as not to affect the pace of regular use.

1. To create a separate Firefox profile.

Create multiple profiles has the advantage of a number for a particular purpose may be to build a dedicated Firefox, but also suitable for multi-user shared computer, so the following method is not limited to the purpose of this article.

1. Start - Run, type firefox.exe-profilemanager, start the Firefox user profile wizard. If your Firefox is not installed in the default directory, this command should be changed to firefox where the path \ firefox.exe-profilemanager.

2. Click to create a configuration file, create a new user, and for the users to get a name you like. To create, then exit. As shown, my new user Webdev (Web Development).

Let Firefox into the ultimate web design tools

3. For the new profile to create the icon. Copy of the Firefox icon on the desktop, and paste it directly on your desktop, right-click the icon, select Properties, a column of text in the target after add:

-P PROFILENAME-no-remote

Which PROFILENAME set for your own profile name.-No-remote is to be able to allow different configuration file to run Firefox.

In this way, the configuration file, named Webdev independent of the original that can be used outside, and all the configuration, including the extension, bookmarks, themes are new.

2. Necessary expansion of web design

1. FireBug

Firebug is a test Javascript, see an excellent tool for CSS and HTML. You can modify the code immediately after the test page changes.

Click to download

2. Web Developer Extension

I first heard of this expansion is the most commonly used design to a web page, when the time modify the template played an important role. It is virtually every aspect of web design all the elements, the main role is to monitor and view the code.

Click to download

3. Aardvark Extension

This lightweight extension can simply display the page elements of the Class, and ID, when you just want to quickly obtain an element of the information is very useful, you can page through it to remove elements.

Click to download

4. ColorZilla

Be obtained directly from the web page code and RGB color information, the equivalent image editing software inside the Color Picker.

Click to download

5. View Source With

A variety of external software to view Web pages using the code.

Click to download

6. HTML Validator

Fast verify the legitimacy of HTML code.

Download Windows platform

Download Linux Platform

7. Measure It

Distance measurement tools.

Click to download

8. IE View / IE Tab / OperaView / FirefoxView / Safari View / IE View Lite

In Firefox, other browsers render web pages is called. Test the compatibility page is useful.

9. Clear Cache Button

Clear Web cache, check the CSS change very useful.

Click to download

10. Restart Firefox

In the process without damaging the current circumstances labels and restart Firefox.

Click to download

11. Tab Mix Plus

Although this is a regular extension, but the copy tag to copy tags and links to the web page design is very functional role.

Click to download

12. YSlow

Yahoo recently Chupin Yslow a web analysis tool. It can give you an error message and web page optimization tips. Must be installed before using the Firebug extension.

Click to download
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