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Flex for the most need to know 10 things

1. Flex is a web standard

MXML is a Flex application's standard language, which allows developers to customize the structure of applications, including not only the layout also includes the class structure, and very easy to tag, this characteristic is very convenient there is web design and development background developers, similar to HTML Development of MXML. Same, Flex's ActionScript and JavaScript similar, Flex using web standards to control the layout of CSS. Flex Application of a convenient way to customize the application structure, tree structure similar to a prototype language and containers perfect combination of the application component model. Source code can easily publish, rather than binary IDE required documents, but very easy readability of the text file.

It is worth mentioning that MXML is an ActionScript shorthand, ECMA-compliant scripting language, MXML at compile-time converted into ActionScript 3.

2. Flex is a Flash

If you are familiar with Flash over the past provided by lightweight vector animations and advanced user interface, so you will not be unfamiliar to the Flex. Flex set up at the top on top of Flash Player, engine possession at all Flash content, In this regard, nothing can make are Flash and Flex should not make.

3. Flex Just Works

Flex replace a lot of companies use Java, because a similar provision and Java cross-platform capability and a modern object-oriented architecture, but only required a much smaller package and the extra load. Flex applications can be completed entirely web-based software, as well as desktop software (combination of Adobe AIR).

4. Flex from the server restrictions

Flex constituted by the data, be able to accept data in different formats and the most and the most common server interaction. Load XML through local or remote, JSP, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, etc.. You through the HTTP or SOAP web services to download information and even be able to directly read and write Java clients to SQLLite database.

5. Flex your appearance can be customized arbitrary

Flex applications can be customized the appearance of very large, you can switch back and forth, "skin" and the custom UI. This is not like Java or JavaScript, is not inherited by the running operating system UI, which means that Flex runs on Mac OSX, the button will not turn into a Mac-style button, Flex built-in appearance from their own set.

6. Flex is a lightweight and fast

Set up in ActionScript 3 on, Flex framework is a very quick pace. Initialization time for ActionScript 2 has been greatly improved. Flex adoption of a new JIT (Just-in-Time) compiler, accelerated speed. Of course, some people will argue that the use of a set of user interface components must affect the speed, in fact, a typical framework for the use of AJAX applications than similar, to a large Flex applications, Flash Player only a few M-byte, and often pre-installed on the computer. It is also worth mentioning the new features, namely the framework of the cache, can save a lot of big part of an integral part of the framework of download time. This function can be stored standard Flex UI components on the user's machine so that other Flex applications run-time without having to download the entire framework.

7. Flex is a barrier-free

Flash content a lot of people think it is very difficult to access, this is a misconception. In fact, Flex framework components have a very good interaction, such as screen readers and keyboard navigation, developers only need to open the switch (default is off).

8. Flex compatible with search engine optimization

Flash content difficult Indexed search engine, it has been for the contents of web development. Adobe recently released search engine optimization for the special version of Flash Player. Of course, this takes time to completely solve the problem.

9. Flex is free and open source

Flex is completely open source, the entire framework source code can be downloaded at Adobe website.

10. Flex is easy to learn

MXML is very simple, easy to understand. If you have used HTML and CSS, you can quickly get started MXML.

Flex components

1: Plan Task Graph: FlexLib the ScheduleViewer.
2: Scalable window: FlexLib of WindowShade.
3: Topology: Birdeye the Ravis.
4: Window Manager: FlexLib of MDI.
5: You can drag the TabNavigator: FLEX-BOX's AdvanceTabNavigator
6:3 D effects
7: rich text editor: FlexLib of MultipleDockingToolBars_Sample.
8: Official FLEX expansion components http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=productHome&exc=15
9: the table shows the proportion of data http://www.degrafa.org/source/DataRenderer/DegrafaDataRenderer.html

43 Hot Flex and ActionScript 3.0 APIs, tips and tools

Original Author: QQbyte Read: 82 Comments: 0 Update Time :2009-03-10 Collection

Sean Moore Bio said: another autumn has arrived, and it is time to recall that in 2008 the most popular Flex and ActionScript 3.0 APIs, tips and tools, the following is my summary of the entire collection of comparison, Flex development must welcome supplement.

Flex SDK 3.1 Introduction and Flex Builder 3.0.1

Flex SDK 3.1 is a milestone Flex SDK version recommend developers to use.

Cairngorm migration into the Adobe Open Source website (Cairngorm are in the Adobe Labs Flex MVC Framework)

Flex basic architecture - modules and data conversion object to display a simple use of modules and data conversion to set up easy target Flex application

Tutorial: ActionScript 3 Drag the function of this introduction tutorial ActionScript 3 sets at the drag function.

Pagination Flex Component Flex a small pagination component

ModuleManager and IModuleInfo - automatically loaded Flex Modules

Degrafa beginner tutorial
Degrafa is a Flex expansion at FLEX added vector data on the dynamics of treatment, including dynamically add, delete, and modify, and support for SVG path data format. Mike Huntington an excellent article.

Degrafa simultaneously using the advanced CSS skills are still Mike Huntington's article. High quality and recommend.

Alcon 3
Adobe AIR for rewriting, and an easy-to-use debug / log instrument. Cool.

In Flex Builder to remove css type selector warnings in Flex Builder to remove css type selector warnings Express skills

Tilt at the background of the VBox, HBox Flex box-type model

Flex design / development work flow tutorial Videos

6 reasons to use ActionScript 3.0 - Author Lee Brimelow

Flex custom skin

The preparation of Flex components, part 1

The preparation of Flex components, part 2

Actionscript 3 API collection

Create a bitmap object for the display of data objects

FCG 1.0 (Flex code generator)
Open source tools

New ActionScript 3 Singleton Function

Mac AIR debugger

Fill Colors
Fill Colors is a separation of Flex style and layout tools, preview the appearance of skin Flex applications.

Animation Library by Grant Skinner

Selenium used to make AIR AJAX application functional testing framework

Yahoo! Music API
The Yahoo! Music API give developers permission to use Yahoo! Music directory. Browser provides a variety of ways.

ActionScript 3 Flexible Layout Class

The NpFlexLayout category is designed to simplify the layout of DisplayObjects.

mediacorelib - ActionScript 3.0 Core Media Library

Servebox ActionScript Foundry
ActionScript 3 / Java framework designed for Flex 2 applications, for a number of design patterns.
http://www.servebox.com/foundry/doku.php?id =

Flest Framework
Flest is a ActionScript3 / Flex application framework, used to create enterprise-class RIA applications.

Guasax Flex / AIR MVC - The MVC Flex / AIR Framework
Guasax is a simple framework to provide scalable Flex applications.

Flex Mojos - HelloWorldTutorial
The most simple tutorial, create a procedure HellowWorldFlex

Scott Evans - for the new FlexBuilder 4 IDE features an open discussion
Scott Evans, FlexBulder team led the development of engineers, beginning a series of new blog, the discussion of new FlexBuilder 4 IDE features, worth a visit.

dpHibernate - Hibernate lazy loading with Adobe BlazeDS
So for those who would like to be able to achieve compatibility in all browsers ajax framework salute heroes.

4 convection media support Flex applications are in the Flash Player running on a platform, so it can be said is that streaming media to, SWF format streaming media can be very natural seamless in your Flex program run,

Anti-related half of the web application, however there is no ajax framework for implementation, must help with the third player to play streaming media, while also very many SWF video web using a standard format.

5 Platform availability is in accordance with ADOBE Companies, Flash player at half of the PC all over the world to install the machine on degrees was 99.8%, can he say that if you write out the basic procedures at all on any computer running

But there is a very important reason: Flash Player installation package is very small, but also very easy to install, network speed is very bad in the normal circumstances be able to complete the installation,

This is why the world has so many computers have Flash Player installed on one of the reasons why.

6 cross-platform at the same time there is another reason for Flex Choice, Flash player can run in linux, you can also run on mobile phone, so tied to die Do not worry at WINDOWS on,

Now the concept of SAAS is hot, fantasy look, as long as the installation of a free linux, can run the application you want, but do not have the software installed on your machine,

As long as the adoption of a URL can be directly used, MS is not that we want to combat piracy ? ? Then we select genuine LINUX ? :).

7 pairs of the underlying operational Flex can call the bottom of things, such as can realize video call camera and the video itself is embedded in the Flex application, Flex player directly from player.

Eight platforms and development prospects of follow-up operations said that the development prospects, the premise is that there must be a company has the strength to sustain the development of operating the platform, Flex are launched from ADOBE company, if the U.S. are not familiar with this company,

Then start another software you should be very familiar with everybody, photoshop is ADOBE launched production company.

9 there is an adequate learning environment:

Flex Development Study Center: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/
Flex the official style configuration tool, you can configure the Flex online application controls the appearance of a variety of styles, change process is also prepared to use Flex,

Flex everyone can imagine to what extent can the application, and such a beautiful interface, simply do not make any picture and art, are the direct use of style can achieve:

Learn Flex

http://examples.adobe.com/flex3/consulting/styleexplorer/Flex3StyleExplorer.html #

Flex examples of the various controls the formation of the official code, do not buy any book, as long as the reading of this example, basic to the development of Flex to be able to:


10 can be any of you familiar with WEB programming platform as the background data access layer, you can use asp.net, php, java, webservice.

12 Flex are the latest version 3.0.1 download address is: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/entitlement/index.cfm?e=flex3email

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