Learn Ajax, JSP, Servlet, Web connection, database, JAVA, J2EE of good information and good video

The following is a list of books: (but some will have to scan them book, http://www.ibeifeng.com/?u=15133 support this website)

Lying design patterns
JQuery basic tutorial
JSP.2.0 technical manuals (high-definition full version)
Authoritative guide to SOA: BEA Aqualogic Service Bus through the implementation
Proficient in JavaScript
English version of Spring in Action
Spring Technical Manual
Spring2.0 Technical Manual
Spring 2.0 Core Technology and Best Practices
Proficient in Spring 2.0
Struts, Hibernate, Spring Integrated Development Baodian
Spring depth of integration guide
Proficiency in integration of J2EE-Eclipse.Struts.Hibernate.Spring Case
Spring-Java proficient in the development of lightweight architecture practice
JAVA Agile development - the use of Spring, Hibernate and Eclipse
JSF first step - JSF + Spring + Hibernate + AJAX Programming Practice
English version of Hibernate Quickly
J2EE e-commerce systems development from entry to the master - based on Struts and Hibernate technology
Struts and Hibernate tutorial useful - based on the MVC model to build efficient Java Web Application
Hibernate combat (2nd edition)
Hibernate ORM Best Practice (with CD-ROM)
Hibernate basic tutorial
Proficient in SOA: Service Bus-based Struts + EJB + Web Service Integration Application Development
Struts basic tutorial
In layman's language and Struts
Developer surprise: Java Web mainstreaming integrated development framework (J2EE + Struts + Hibernate + Spring)
STRUTS RECIPES English version: build a solid business applications strategy
Integrating STRUTS + HIBERNATE + SPRING Detailed application development
Struts completely manual
Proficient in JBoss - EJB and Web Services to develop refined solution
Head First EJB (English version)
EJB technology kit Miao
Detailed EJB application development
English version of Bitter EJB
Procedures for the world database EJB JPA Persistence Layer explain the development of practice
EJB 3 combat
Understanding SOA with Web Services English version
SOA concepts, technology and design
SOA principle Ways practice
Authoritative guide to SOA: BEA Aqualogic Service Bus through the implementation
SOA thought, technology and system integration applications Detailed
SOA core technologies and application
JSF combat
Eclipse RCP application development methodology and actual combat
English version of Lucene IN ACTION
English version of POJOs IN ACTION: A lightweight framework for the development of enterprise applications
ANT IN ACTION 2nd edition English version
JUnit in Action English version - Java people Toolbox Series
Conquering Ajax Web 2.0 Quick Start with the project in practice
Ajax practicing the Road: Web2.0 portal
Conquering Ajax + Lucene to build search engine
Ajax Development Essentials: Concepts, cases and framework
Conquering Ajax: Dojo, Prototype, script.aculo.us framework for analysis and examples
Ajax and PHP Web Development
AJAX HACKS English version: Create Rapid Response Web site tools and techniques
Ajax Patterns and Best Practices
Ajax and Java Advanced Programming
Ajax Design Patterns
Ajax development classic cases Guinness
Depth understanding of Ajax - the JavaScript-based RIA development
Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 English version (Release 5)
Depth experience of Java Web Development insider - Advanced features
Spring Professional Development Guide (english version)
Agile Acegi, CAS - Construction safety Java System
Proficient in Java Web Integrated Development: JSP + AJAX + Struts + Hibernate
JBoss platform on the Java EE application development guide

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