jsp in the config object

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Implicit object in jsp config object in which a relatively less used, this object is used to configure the general parameters of the specified jsp, servlet as the parameter configuration. After all, the essence jsp servlet, their configuration is similar. Here is the configuration of their own study notes;

<servlet-name> test </ servlet-name>
<jsp-file> / test.jsp </ jsp-file> <! - Note that either the jsp-file is either servelt-class tag ->
<param-name> username </ param-name>
<param-value> zhang </ param-value>
</ Init-param>
</ Servlet>
<servlet-name> test </ servlet-name>
<url-pattern> / test </ url-pattern>
</ Servlet-mapping>

These are the configuration parameters of the test.jsp username, the corresponding value of zhang; when running test (note that not test.jsp), in fact running test.jsp file, test the path for the mapping,

Here in the address bar if we visit through the test we can use <% = config.getInitParameter ("username")%> get parameter values: zhang.

If you use test.jsp access the page, but also access, but can not obtain configuration parameters. So if you want to use test.jsp run, modify the mapping path <url-pattern> / test.jsp </ url-pattern>

In short: By refusing to explain, I can understand, like jsp and servlet mapping configuration can be arbitrary, but the difference between jsp and servlet, in particular, jsp mapping can be used to access the original path can also use the map to access
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