js number of decimal places retained

javascript rounding decimal (n decimal places to retain rounded) 2009-05-12 15:44 javascript decimal rounding

First, problems arise:
Own coding, javascript encountered in 3.21 * 3 = 9.629999999999999 phenomenon

Second, Baidu about


Obtain the following information:

Javascript to take float type with two decimal places, eg to take into 22.13 22.127456, how to do?

1. The most stupid way ....... [me how dry .........]

function get ()
var s = 22.127456 + "";
var str = s.substring (0, s.indexOf (".") + 3);
alert (str);

2. Regular Expressions good results

<script type="text/javascript">
onload = function () (
var a = "23.456322";
var aNew;
var re = / ([0-9] + \. [0-9] (2)) [0-9] * /;
aNew = a.replace (re, "$ 1");
alert (aNew);
</ Script>

3. He was more clever .....

var num = 22.127456;
alert (Math.round (num * 100) / 100);
</ Script>

4. Will use new friends ....... but things need to support IE5.5 + only.

var num = 22.127456;
alert (num.toFixed (2));
</ Script>

Third, sum, himself wrote a javascript multi-digit rounding the general method

/ / Num indicated that the number of rounded, v says that the number of decimal places.
function decimal (num, v)
var vv = Math.pow (10, v);
return Math.round (num * vv) / vv;

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