js function overloading


function t(){




function run(){




function run(){



Would like to pop a.js, call a.js, t.js on the line

Would like to pop b.js, call b.js, t.js on the line

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    Recent projects out rules engine, and then relate to the date of the database comparison, the business chain is long, plus the date of the dynamic table of data are kept by the string, there is the business table is the date the date of deposit of th

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    Baidu said when overloaded functions like this: The so-called function overloading is the same function name can correspond to multiple functions to achieve. Each realization corresponds to a function body, the names of these functions are the same,

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    Function Format: Basically similar co-java Modifiers of the return type Method name ( Parameter list ){ //do something } Main function Program entrance, there are four kinds of written static void main() staric void main(String[] age) static int main

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    JS use the method requires attention to several areas: There any way to return value, if not explicitly return a value, its return value is undefined . Method definition, the parameter list can write the variable names on OK, for example: diff (iNum1

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    C + + supports function overloading, C does not support function overloading, function is C + + compiled in the library name and C different. Suppose a function prototype: void foo (int x, int y). The function is compiled C compiler name in the libra

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