JS achieve image zoom

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In the Internet, they often see picture zoom function, and today his hands also wrote one of the following is the source code:



<title> picture automatically zoom </ title>

</ Head>

<script language="javascript">
<! -
function bimg (pic) (
/ / Get the object scaling, and transformed into a decimal integer
var zoom = parseInt (pic.style.zoom, 10) | | 100;
/ / Wheel movement quantity move +120, down -120
zoom + = event.wheelDelta/12;
if (zoom> 0)
pic.style.zoom = zoom +'%'; / / re-set ratio
return false;

function limg () (
var zoom = parseInt (pic.style.zoom, 10) | | 100;
zoom + = zoom/12;
if (zoom> 0) (
pic.style.zoom = zoom +'%'; / / re-set ratio
return false;

function simg () (
var zoom = parseInt (pic.style.zoom, 10) | | 100;
zoom -= zoom/12;
if (zoom> 0) (
pic.style.zoom = zoom +'%'; / / re-set ratio
return false;
</ Script>
<img src=" Collection 1.jpg" border="0" onmousewheel="return bimg(this)">
<img src=" Collection 1.jpg" border="0"> <a href="#"> enlarge </ a> <a href="#"> narrow </ a>

</ Body>

</ Html>

---- Note: The above code uses the three functions, the first function is to control the zoom wheel, the second and the third is controlled by clicking the link.

1, parseInt () method is used to convert a string to integer numbers, which parseInt (xxx, 10), on behalf of the string into an integer, 10 representatives of the decimal, empathy and so on behalf of 8,16 and 16 octal ary

2, style.zoom property is primarily used for display elements of the zoom ratio

3, event.wheelData property onmousewheel event of a return to the direction that the mouse wheel scroll integer, the return value general type 120 or 120, a time when that wheel scroll up, scroll down negative said.

4, onmousewheel event that when the middle mouse wheel for scrolling notice.
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