JQuery Plugin - jquery tools

Jquery Tools is a set of user interface based on Jquery build a collection of commonly used components. By using Jquery Tools, Web front-end development will undoubtedly become more efficient. It is worth noting, Jquery Tools of the gzip compressed version is only 5.8k, so lightweight and functional utility of UI components is absolutely worthy of our attention.

Official website: http://flowplayer.org/tools/

Jquery Tools website now includes six of the most useful javascript tools. One of its advantages is that all these tools can be used together, extend, configuration, and style of. In the end, through which you can create many different parts of the website, or by individuals to create new applications.

The following is a list of Jquery Tools contains tools:

  1. Tab function (Tabs)
  2. Tip toolbar features (ToolTips)
  3. Information scrolling (Scrollable)
  4. Masking effects (overlay)
  5. Outstanding results (expose)
  6. Flash Embed

JQuery Plugin - jquery tools

Jquery Tools in the following browsers tested:

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