JQuery plug-ins more than 240


jQuery is the second prototype was followed by an excellent Javascript framework. Its purpose is to - write less code, do more. It is lightweight js library (compressed only 21k), this is the other js libraries not JQuery plug-ins more than 240

And it is compatible CSS3, also compatible with a variety of browsers (IE 6.0 +, FF 1.5 +, Safari 2.0 +, Opera 9.0 +). jQuery is a fast, simple javaScript libraries, allows users to more easily deal with HTML documents, events, to achieve animation effects, and to provide easy AJAX for interactive web site. jQuery has a comparative advantage is that it is the whole of the document explains, and a wide range of applications has made it very detailed and sophisticated at the same time there are many plug-ins to choose from. jQuery enables users to keep the html page html code and the content of separation, that is to say, no need to insert in the html inside a pile of js to call the command, just to the definition of id. Today Kollermedia.at Found a list of JQuery plug-ins Article Special recommendation is as follows.

File upload (File upload) JQuery plug-ins more than 240

Ajax File Upload .
jQUploader .
Multiple File Upload plugin .
jQuery File Style .
Styling an input type file .
Progress Bar Plugin .

Verification form (Form Validation)

jQuery Validation .
Auto Help .
Simple jQuery form validation .
jQuery XAV - form validations .
jQuery AlphaNumeric .
Masked Input .
TypeWatch Plugin .
Text limiter for form fields .
Ajax Username Check with jQuery .

Form - Marquee (Form - Select Box stuff)

jQuery Combobox .
jQuery controlled dependent (or Cascadign) Select List .
Multiple Selects .
Select box manipulation .
Select Combo Plugin .
jQuery - LinkedSelect
Auto-populate multiple select boxes .
Choose Plugin (Select Replacement) .

Basic form, input box, select box, etc. (Form Basics, Input Fields, Checkboxes etc.)

jQuery Form Plugin .
jQuery-Form .
jLook Nice Forms .
jNice .
Ping Plugin .
Toggle Form Text .
ToggleVal .
jQuery Field Plugin .
jQuery Form'n Field plugin .
jQuery Checkbox manipulation .
jTagging .
jQuery labelcheck .
Overlabel .
3 state radio buttons .
ShiftCheckbox jQuery Plugin .
Watermark Input .
jQuery Checkbox (checkboxes with imags) .
jQuery SpinButton Control .
jQuery Ajax Form Builder .
jQuery Focus Fields .
jQuery Time Entry .

Time, date and select the color (Time, Date and Color Picker)

jQuery UI Datepicker .
jQuery date picker plugin .
jQuery Time Picker .
Time Picker .
ClickPick .
TimePicker .
Farbtastic jQuery Color Picker Plugin .
Color Picker by intelliance.fr .

Plug-vote (Rating Plugins)

jQuery Star Rating Plugin .
jQuery Star Rater .
Content rater with asp.net, ajax and jQuery .
Half-Star Rating Plugin .

Search plug-ins (Search Plugins)

jQuery Suggest .
jQuery Autocomplete .
jQuery Autocomplete Mod .
jQuery Autocomplete by AjaxDaddy .
jQuery Autocomplete Plugin with HTML formatting .
jQuery Autocompleter .
AutoCompleter (Tutorial with PHP & MySQL) .
quick Search jQuery Plugin .

Editor (Inline Edit & Editors) JQuery plug-ins more than 240

jTagEditor .
WYMeditor .
jQuery jFrame .
Jeditable - edit in place plugin for jQuery .
jQuery editable .
jQuery Disable Text Select Plugin .
Edit in Place with Ajax using jQuery .
jQuery Plugin - Another In-Place Editor .
TableEditor .
tEditable - in place table editing for jQuery .

Multimedia, video, Flash, etc. (Audio, Video, Flash, SVG, etc)

jMedia - accessible multi-media embedding .
JBEdit - Ajax online Video Editor .
jQuery MP3 Plugin .
jQuery Media Plugin .
jQuery Flash Plugin .
Embed QuickTime .
SVG Integration .

Photo (Photos / Images / Galleries)

ThickBox .
jQuery lightBox plugin .
jQuery Image Strip .
jQuery slideViewer .
jQuery jqGalScroll 2.0 .
jQuery - jqGalViewII .
jQuery - jqGalViewIII .
jQuery Photo Slider .
jQuery Thumbs - easily create thumbnails .
jQuery jQIR Image Replacement .
jCarousel Lite .
jQPanView .
jCarousel .
Interface Imagebox .
Image Gallery using jQuery, Interface & Reflactions .
simple jQuery Gallery .
jQuery Gallery Module .
EO Gallery .
jQuery ScrollShow .
jQuery Cycle Plugin .
jQuery Flickr .
jQuery Lazy Load Images Plugin .
Zoomi - Zoomable Thumbnails .
jQuery Crop - crop any image on the fly .
Image Reflection .

Google Maps (Google Map)

jQuery Plugin googlemaps .
jMaps jQuery Maps Framework .
jQmaps .
jQuery & Google Maps .
jQuery Maps Interface forr Google and Yahoo maps .
jQuery J Maps - by Tane Piper .

Games (Games)

Tetris with jQuery .
jQuery Chess .
Mad Libs Word Game .
jQuery Puzzle .
jQuery Solar System (not a game but awesome jQuery Stuff) .

Tables (Tables, Grids etc.)

UI / Tablesorter . JQuery plug-ins more than 240

jQuery ingrid .
jQuery Grid Plugin .
Table Filter - awesome! .
TableEditor .
jQuery Tree Tables .
Expandable "Detail" Table Rows .
Sortable Table ColdFusion Costum Tag with jQuery UI .
jQuery Bubble .
TableSorter .
Scrollable HTML Table .
jQuery column Manager Plugin .
jQuery tableHover Plugin .
jQuery columnHover Plugin .
jQuery Grid .
TableSorter plugin for jQuery .
tEditable - in place table editing for jQuery .
jQuery charToTable Plugin .
jQuery Grid Column Sizing .
jQuery Grid Row Sizing .

Charts (Charts, Presentation etc.)

jQuery Wizard Plugin .
jQuery Chart Plugin .
Bar Chart .

Borders, rounded corners, background (Border, Corners, Background)

jQuery Corner .
jQuery Curvy Corner .
Nifty jQuery Corner .
Transparent Corners .
jQuery Corner Gallery .
Gradient Plugin .

Text and hyperlinks (Text and Links)

jQuery Spoiler plugin .
Text Highlighting .
Disable Text Select Plugin .
jQuery Newsticker .
Auto line-height Plugin .
Textgrad - a text gradient plugin .
LinkLook - a link thumbnail preview .
pager jQuery Plugin .
shortKeys jQuery Plugin .
jQuery Biggerlink .
jQuery Ajax Link Checker .

Prompted the mouse (Tooltips)

jQuery Plugin - Tooltip .
jTip - The jQuery Tool Tip .
clueTip .
BetterTip .
Flash Tooltips using jQuery .
ToolTip .

Menus and Navigation (Menus, Navigations)

jQuery Tabs Plugin - awesome! . [ demo nested tabs .]
another jQuery nested Tab Set example (based on jQuery Tabs Plugin) .
jQuery idTabs .
jdMenu - Hierarchical Menu Plugin for jQuery .
jQuery SuckerFish Style .
jQuery Plugin Treeview .
treeView Basic .
FastFind Menu .
Sliding Menu .
Lava Lamp jQuery Menu .
jQuery iconDock .
jVariations Control Panel .
ContextMenu plugin .
clickMenu .
CSS Dock Menu .
jQuery Pop-up Menu Tutorial .
Sliding Menu .


Slide, flip, etc. (Accordions, Slide and Toggle stuff)

jQuery Plugin Accordion .
jQuery Accordion Plugin Horizontal Way .
haccordion - a simple horizontal accordion plugin for jQuery .
Horizontal Accordion by portalzine.de .
HoverAccordion .
Accordion Example from fmarcia.info .
jQuery Accordion Example .
jQuery Demo - Expandable Sidebar Menu .
Sliding Panels for jQuery .
jQuery ToggleElements .
Coda Slider .
jCarousel .
Accesible News Slider Plugin .
Showing and Hiding code Examples .
jQuery Easing Plugin .
jQuery Portlets .
AutoScroll .
Innerfade .

Drag and drop plug-ins (Drag and Drop)

UI / Draggables .
EasyDrag jQuery Plugin .
jQuery Portlets .
jqDnR - drag, drop resize .
Drag Demos .


XSLT Plugin .
jQuery Ajax call and result XML parsing .
xmlObjectifier - Converts XML DOM to JSON .
jQuery XSL Transform .
jQuery Taconite - multiple Dom updates .
RSS / ATOM Feed Parser Plugin .
jQuery Google Feed Plugin .

Browser (Browserstuff)

Wresize - IE Resize event Fix Plugin .
jQuery ifixpng .
jQuery pngFix .
Link Scrubber - removes the dotted line onfocus from links .
jQuery Perciformes - the entire suckerfish familly under one roof .
Background Iframe .
QinIE - for proper display of Q tags in IE .
jQuery Accessibility Plugin .
jQuery MouseWheel Plugin .

Dialog, the confirmation window (Alert, Prompt, Confirm Windows)

jQuery Impromptu .
jQuery Confirm Plugin .
jqModal .
SimpleModal .


jQuery Style Switcher .
JSS - Javascript StyleSheets .
jQuery Rule - creation / manipulation of CSS Rules .
jPrintArea .

DOM, AJAX and other JQuery plug-ins (DOM, Ajax and other jQuery plugins)

FlyDOM .
jQuery Dimenion Plugin .
jQuery Loggin .
Metadata - extract metadata from classes, attributes, elements .
Super-tiny Client-Side Include Javascript jQuery Plugin .
Undo Made Easy with Ajax .
JHeartbeat - periodically poll the server .
Lazy Load Plugin .
Live Query .
jQuery Timers .
jQuery Share it - display social bookmarking icons .
jQuery serverCookieJar .
jQuery autoSave .
jQuery Puffer .
jQuery iFrame Plugin .
Cookie Plugin for jQuery .
jQuery Spy - awesome plugin .
Effect Delay Trick .
jQuick - a quick tag creator for jQuery .
elementReady .

English: http://www.kollermedia.at/archive/2007/11/21/the-ultimate-jquery-plugin-list/

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