jQuery Photo lazy loading

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jquery  Plug-ins to achieve picture lazy - jquery.lazyload seen in Taobao Products  ,  Image is loaded in the drop-down scroll bar, this is a very good user experience  .  Reduce page load time, but also reduce the pressure on the server  ,  Used to check the next  JQuery.. 

  What is ImageLazyLoad Technology   

      More pictures on the page when the page is bound to lead to open a large amount of data and server interaction  .  Especially for high-definition picture, accounting for several  M  Space. ImageLazyLoad technology is  ,  The image is currently visible screen incoming loads, not the visible page  (  Scroll down through the visible  )  The picture is not loaded, so the quality is bound to lead to speed improvement  . 


  How to achieve  ImageLazyLoad 

  One. Use  JQuery  Plug-in, plug-in name  : jquery.lazyload(7kb  Size  ),  Compressed  (3kb  Size  )


  Online compression  js http://closure-compiler.appspot.com/home

  Although the special effects are very cattle X  ,  But only with JQuery plug-in just a few code  ,  Use the following procedure  : 


1.  Import plug-JS   


<script src="jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script>  
<script src="jquery.lazyload.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

2.  In your page add the following  javascript: 




  This will enable all of the pictures are lazy  . 



  Of course, there are several configuration options available plug set  . 


1.  Change  threshold 


$("img").lazyload({ threshold : 200 }); 


  The threshold set to 200 means that when images are not seen before  load 200  Pixels  . 




2.  Of course you can also set a placeholder image and load the custom event to trigger the event pictures   


    placeholder : "img/grey.gif",  
    event : "click" 




3.  Effect parameters can be defined by defining some images display   


     placeholder : "img/grey.gif",  
     effect : "fadeIn" 




LazyLoad(  Lazy loading  )  Technology is not only used in the delay of loading a web page picture, the data can also be  ,Google Reader  Search took pictures and Bing  
LazyLoad  Use the most of technology  : 


  Defect  :

1.  Conflict with Ajax technology  :

2.  Pictures of the lazy loading, highly experienced exceptionally high picture  ,  The problem appears to stop loading  :

3.  Non-standard students to write code to pay attention, no matter what the reasons for the  ,  If your page, img tag  height  Attribute is not defined, then I suggest you should not use  ImageLazyLoad



  We can use lazy loading techniques Taobao  :(2kb  Size  )


  Call the method is very simple  : 
<script src="http://a.tbcdn.cn/kissy/1.0.0/build/imglazyload/imglazyload-min.js" 
type="text/javascript"></script> <script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[KISSY.ImageLazyload();// ]]></script> 


  Note :  The script relies yahoo-dom-event, the page to load   yui 2.x,  You can also directly refer to the following address  :
<script src="http://kissy.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/third-party/yui2/yahoo-dom-event/yahoo-dom-event.js" type="text/javascript"></script> 



  Configuration parameters are as follows  :
<script type="text/javascript">
mod: "manual", //   Delay mode. Default   auto
diff: 200 //   Under the current screen image more than the distance began to lazy loading. Default picture outside the screen until the two lazy  


manual   Mode, the need to manually load the page in the pictures to be delayed   src   Change the property name data-lazyload-src. Such as   SRP   Page after the baby list  20  A picture lazy loading. Output  ,html   Code  :

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