jquery custom attributes, to resolve the issue by value List of button

JQuery on the front with a standard code, encountered some problems. Collection of data on the traverse, the operation of a single data, add, delete, change, check, need to pass some parameters for background processing.
I used the label in the project custom attribute-value, and then jquery attr can be accessed using, this can reduce the javascript code scripts and data coupling

The following is an example code for reference:
<script type="text/javascript">
$ (Document). Ready (function () (
/ / Ajax delete
$ (". Btn_delete"). Click (function () (
ret = window.confirm ('$ (texts [' dtaq.common.delete.msg']}');
if (ret) (
$. Ajax ((
type: "POST",
url: 'sysCodeRuleitemAction.do? method = delete'
+ '& Id ='+$( this). Attr ("paramId")
+ '& Ruleid ='+$( this). Attr ("paramRuleid"),
success: function (msg) (
$ ('# Childbody'). Html (msg);
/ /
</ Script>
</ Legend>
<th width="5%"> Serial Number </ th>
<th width="25%"> *****</ th>
<th width="10%"> *****</ th>
<th width="10%"> *****</ th>
<th width="25%"> *****</ th>
</ Tr>
</ Thead>
<C: forEach items = "$ (sysCodeRuleitems)" varStatus = "index"
var = "sysCodeRuleitem">
<td> $ (index.count) </ td>
<td> $ (sysCodeRuleitem.ruletype) </ td>
<td> $ (sysCodeRuleitem.rulecontent) </ td>
<td> $ (sysCodeRuleitem.orderno) </ td>
<Input type = "button"
value = "$ (texts ['button.edit'])"
paramId = "$ (sysCodeRuleitem.id)"
paramRuleid = "$ (param.ruleid)" />
<Input type = "button"
value = "$ (texts ['button.delete'])"
paramId = "$ (sysCodeRuleitem.id)"
paramRuleid = "$ (param.ruleid)" />
</ Div>
</ Td>
</ Tr>
</ C: forEach>
</ Table>
</ Fieldset>

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