Joyent open source project was funded Node.js develop into the fast lane

Node.js open source project dedicated to providing a high-performance concurrent write JavaScript framework for Web applications, using MIT license , since it was drawn more and more attention. Recently, Node.js formally known cloud computing service provider Joyent funding, the project leader Ryan Dahl has joined the Joyent, is expected to Node.js enterprise applications will get more opportunities.

Ryan Dahl Joyent in the forum on the funding made to explain :

In the past few months, Node.js been more and more popular. If you want to achieve greater Node.js goal - to become the next PHP, we need to introduce business investment, to undertake a full-time development team and support our project will be applied to large-scale enterprise-class products, while anti- Come to Node.js provide feedback. Joyent company's core business (the cloud) can support the free and open Node.js. For these reasons, I have reached an agreement with the company Joyent, Joyent will be placed under the administration of Node.js project. For developers, the only change is that in future the contributor agreement (contributor agreement) will turn to Joyent, and not myself. We will continue to use the open source MIT license ......

According to Ryan Dahl said, Joyent has hired him and Isaac Schlueter Node.js project focused on developing and will continue to expand the team size.

Joyent company's chief technology officer Mark Mayo subsequent blog in the message did confirm that:

Node.js Joyent has officially become the new home. We are very pleased to be able to finance this excellent open source project ....... I believe Node.js will be to help developers build the next generation of Internet applications, the core technology.

Joyent Node.js concerns can be traced back to the more than a year ago, when our team is looking for a convenient way to write small, low-latency network server and the proxy side for our infrastructure management products, and get rid of the C , Erlang dependence. We believe that the asynchronous model and JavaScript Node.js very suitable, because we have built Joyent Smart Platform fell in love with it. We realize the potential of the project and invited Ryan to join Joyent, we will grow Node.js provide firm support.

Why Node.js project developers will be more and more attention? In an interview with foreign media practitioners Guillermo Rauch Node.js, he summed up the popular cause Node.js :

Most web developers have adopted jQuery, MooTools or similar programming in the framework used in JavaScript. This means that they Node.js already very familiar with, although its development environment has a unique style. Second, because JavaScript's expressive and powerful Node.js API, you can not usually build or too time-consuming procedures to achieve. Then you will not feel lonely. Node.js on GitHub already attracted the attention of thousands of developers, and now have hundreds of modules can be directly used. If you consider the time of its birth, this growth rate is amazing.

Tom Hughes-Croucher Technical Evangelist at Yahoo developer blog said that his is preparing a new book about Node.js Development Guide "Up and Running With Node.js", the interested reader friends can download the preview chapter preview, I hope Press to domestic concerns.


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