JNI ----- java technologies interact with the dll

Jni (Java Native Interface) is the sun's java and systems to provide the native method of interactive technology (in windows \ linux system, the realization of java and the native method intermodulation).

Jvm package a variety of operating systems, while the actual differences, providing jni technology, enabling developers through java program (code) calls to the operating system-related technology to achieve the library functions, which interact with other technologies and systems, using other technologies to achieve the system's functioning; while other technologies and systems can also be provided by the corresponding native jni interface to call the java application to open within the system to achieve function.

Java Application System is built on top of jvm.

Jni for the application itself, can be seen as a proxy mode. For developers who need to use c / c + + to implement an agent (jni program) to the native function of actual operational objectives, java program is the jvm by loading and calling the jni program to indirectly target native function calls.

Jni general program development steps are as follows:

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