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JLdap Official Download

LDAP Classes for Java

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LDAP Classes for Java * enable you to write applications that access, manage, and update information stored in Novell eDirectory or other LDAP-aware directories.

These classes are based on the IETF LDAP Java Application Program Interface.

Source code matching this Release is available through the OpenLDAP Open Source initiative.



Your use of these files is subject to the Novell Developer License Agreement unless different license terms accompany the file itself, in which case those terms govern.
novell-jldap-devel-2009.10.07-1netware_windows.exe 5.8 M 2009-10-12
novell-jldap-devel-2009.10.07-1netware_windows.tar.gz 4.3 M 2009-10-12
novell-jldap-devel-2009.10.07-1netware_windows.zip 4.4 M 2009-10-12
novell-jldap-devel-2009.10.07-1unix.tar.gz 4.3 M 2009-10-12
novell-jldap-devel-2009.10.07-1unix.zip 4.4 M 2009-10-12
novell-jldap-devel-2009.10.07-1unix.i586.rpm 4.3 M 2009-10-12

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This component is peer supported by the Novell developer community.

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