javascript error unterminated string constant is reported as a cause of

js always reported unterminated string constant, the page can be a normal show, I do not know where the are wrong, are displayed because JTableTree, that their relations in the data on a problem, or the introduction of small JS files, Looking to find it? , nor how to find out. Later found one online that the characters are the problem, suddenly. . .

It turned out that their data storage to the oracle of time, are pasting from Excel into, JS Analysis of the data character set when the error happened. Excel will copy the data into Notepad first, and then copy the data, the problem resolved.

Conclusions (to quote from ):

If you use UTF-8 character set the page to preserve documents, must be prepared to tell the browser to use the same code to open, needs to be done is to add at the front page <meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = " text / html; charset = utf-8 "> with you that no matter what page document character set preservation, script error is not the case, but questions garbled. So the browser to read the document and display character set has a problem, read the character set used in the document itself is based on the character set is displayed if there is no explicit encoding specified by the browser settings of the language.

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