javascript built-in functions Info

48. In the old browsers do not perform this JS :<!-- //-->
49. To quote a document-style JS: <script type="text/javascript" src="/blog/aaa.js"> </ script>
50. Specified in the script does not support the browser displays the HTML: <noscript> </ noscript>
51. When the hyperlink and the onClick event has, then the old version of your browser turned a.html, otherwise shift b.html.
Example: <a href="/blog/a.html"/blog/b.html";return false"> dfsadf </ a>
Built-52.JS object has:
Array, Boolean, Date, Error, EvalError,
Function, Math, Number, Object, RangeError, ReferenceError,
RegExp, String, SyntaxError, TypeError, URIError
53.JS in line: \ n
54. Window full-screen size:
<script> function fullScreen () (this.moveTo (0,0); this.outerWidth = screen.availWidth;
this.outerHeight = screen.availHeight;) window.maximize = fullScreen; </ script>
55.JS of all on behalf of its middle and lower classes of all elements
Medium 56.JS the focus of the order: document.getElementByid ( "form element"). TabIndex = 1
57.innerHTML values are the values of form elements:
Such as <p> "how are <em> you </ em>" </ p>, while the value of innerHTML is: how are <em> you </ em>
58.innerTEXT value and the same as above, but will not put <em> this tag is displayed.
59.contentEditable whether elements can be set can be modified, isContentEditable Return whether to modify state.
60.isDisabled determine whether to prohibit the state. Disabled prohibits state
61.length obtain the length of return integer values
62.addBehavior () is an external function call JS file their extension. Htc
63.window.focus () so that the current window before the window at all.
64.blur () refers to the loss of focus. With FOCUS () the opposite. () refers to elements selected.
66. To prevent users of text box text:

67. Remove the element on the page appear in quantity:
document.all.tags ( "div (or other HTML tags)"). length
Medium 68.JS output is divided into two forms: modal and modeless.
window.showModaldialog (), window.showModeless ()
69. The status bar language settings:
window.status = 'language', default language setting of the status bar: window.defaultStatus = 'characters.';
70. Add to Favorites:
external.AddFavorite ( "";, "meil");
71.JS encountered in the script will not do anything wrong steps:
window.onerror = doNothing; specified error handler for the grammar: window.onerror = handleError;
72.JS specified in the current window to open the parent window:
window.opener, Supporting multiple opener.opener ... continue.
73.JS of self refers to the current window
74.JS in the status bar display content: window.status = "content"
75.JS the top refers to the framework of centralized top-level framework
Medium 76.JS turn off the current window: window.close ();
77.JS made sure the box: if (confirm ( "Are you sure ?")){ alert (" ok ");) else (alert (" Not Ok ");)
78.JS redirect the window: window.navigate ( "";);
79.JS in print: window.print ()
80.JS prompted to enter in the box: window.prompt ( "message", "defaultReply");
81.JS scroll bar of the window: window.scroll (x, y)
Medium 82.JS window scroll down to the location: window.scrollby
83.JS set time intervals: setInterval ( "expr", msecDelay) or setInterval (funcRef, msecDelay) or setTimeout
Medium Modal 84.JS displayed in IE4 line, not in NN Medium: showModalDialog ( "URL" [, arguments] [, features]);
85.JS in the use of the handle before exit:
function verifyClose () (event.returnvalue = "/ blog / we really like you and hope you will stay longer .";}} window .= verifyClose;
86. When the first call form the use of file handles: onload ()
87. Turn off when the call when the form of file handles: onunload ()
88.window.location of property:
protocol (http:), hostname (, port (80), host (,
pathname ( "/ a / a.html"), hash ( "# giantGizmo", refers to the corresponding anchor Jump to remember), href (all information)
89.window.location.reload () to refresh the current page.
90.window.history.back () return to the previous page, window.history.forward () return the next page,
window.history.go (back the first few pages, but also can use the visited URL)
91.document.write () does not wrap the output, document.writeln () line output
92.document.body.noWrap = true; language packs to prevent the link line.
93. Variable name. CharAt (the first of several) for the first number of the variable characters.
94. "Abc". CharCodeAt (the first of several), the first of several return code value of Ascii characters.
95. String to connect: string.concat (string2), or connect =
96. Variables. IndexOf ( "character", start position), return the first occurrence of location (from 0 to start)
97.string.lastIndexOf (searchString [, startIndex]) last seen location.
98.string.match (regExpression), to determine whether the matching characters.
99.string.replace (regExpression, replaceString) to replace the existing string.
100.string.split (separator) return an array of stored values.
101.string.substr (start [, length]) check from the first of several to a specific length of string.
102.string.toLowerCase () so that all into a lowercase string.
103.string.toUpperCase () so that all characters into uppercase.
104.parseInt (string [, radix (on behalf of M-ary)]) the mandatory conversion into integer.
105.parseFloat (string [, radix]) the mandatory conversion into floating-point type.
106.isNaN (variables): Test whether the value type.
107. The definition of the keyword constants: const, the definition of variables keyword: var

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