javaScript as well as the ExtJS editor (aptana and spket)

Js's support of the eclipse of the effects of dissatisfaction, aptana is a relatively satisfied with the js editor, there are stand-alone version (estimate is based on the development of the eclipse with the eclipse is quite similar), you can also install the eclipse of the aptana plug-in, the current version is aptana studio 2.0.

Been tested (all in the menu inside the manual install, has never done a direct copy to a folder approach, directly through the url automatically install method. Online a lot are not recommended, I downloaded off the official plug-ins found in the course of the speed is slower, If the line should be relatively easy to install, then failed), the myeclipse5.5 the unsuccessful, is old 5.5 version of the problem.

The myeclipse8.0, the load files remain in the loading and nothing happens.

The eclipse3.5 on the installation was successful.

However, aptana looks like there is no support for ExtJS in ExtJS support spket need to install plug-ins.

spket the installation site, this time I also used off-line install it manually.

Official online with video tutorials, watch what this SketIDE the tutorial.

Concrete steps are as follows:

1.Window → Preferences → Spket → JavaScript Profiles → New;

2. Enter "ExtJS" click OK;

3. Select "ExtJS" and click on "Add Library" and then in the drop-down section select "ExtJS";

4. Select "ExtJS" and click on "Add File", then select your ./ext-2.x/source directory "ext.jsb" documents;

5. Set up a new ExtJS Profile, select and click on "JavaScript Profiles" dialog box, right-hand side of the "Defalut" button;

6. Restart Aptana;

7. To create a new JS file and type: Ext this code can be set Ext Code auto-complete function.

Online talking about are aptana standalone version of the non-plug-in installed on spket,

I have not installed aptana plugin myeclipse5.5 can also be installed in spket successfully used spket editor with prompts,

Seen spket is not dependent on the aptana.

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