Java technology: Eclipse explain the use of techniques

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Editor settings: Window -> Preferences -> Java-> Editor appearance: Display line number, emphasizing symmetry shown in square brackets, to emphasize that the existing line to show Print Margins its check, Tab width set 4, print made from the field for 80. Input: All fields are checked.

Part hotkey: Template: Alt + modify Office: Window-> Preference-> Workbench-> Keys-> Command-> Edit-> Content Assist. Personal habits: Shift + SPACE (blank).

Summary Description: Edit the procedure code, playing sysout + Template Start button will automatically appear: System.out.println (); settings Template format: Window -> Preferences -> Java-> Editor -> Templates .

Automatic typesetting code: Ctrl + Shift + F to amend Department: Window -> Preferences -> Workbench -> key -> code -> format.

Personal habits: Alt + Z automatic layout settings: Window -> Preferences -> Java-> code format procedures.

Style page -> will insert the tab (rather than the space bar) within the condensation, uncheck this option, the following number of spaces to fill 4, so that will be automatically scheduled to be indented 4 spaces.

Rapid implementation of the procedure: Ctrl + F11 personal habits: ALT + X to amend Department: Window -> Preferences -> Workbench -> button -> implementation -> start the previous start-up operation.

Summary Description: The first implementation, it will be asked if you run the model, set up, after as long as the hotkey, it will rapidly implement.

Automatically import the required categories: Ctrl + Shift + O Summary Description: Import the assumption we do not have any class, when we enter the program: BufferedReader buf = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader (; At this point Eclipse will warning that there is no import categories, this time as long as we press Ctrl + Shift + O, it will automatically help us Import categories. See the use of categories of source: Ctrl + left mouse button click on the Summary Description: we can see you are using the source category.

The selected language endorsement together: Ctrl + / Summary description: Debug when convenient.

To amend Department: Window -> Preferences -> Workbench -> key -> code -> endorsed the abolition of the selected language endorsement: Ctrl + Summary Description: Ibid.

To amend Department: Window -> Preferences -> Workbench -> key -> code -> View switch to monitor the grant: Ctrl + F8 personal habits: Alt + S to amend Department: Window -> Preferences -> Workbench -> button -> window -> the next scene.

Summary Description: We can easily switch Express Edit, visual debugging, etc..

3.0 in Ctrl + Alt + H to see the current member of method calls, and can go up step by step.

Ctrl + O can be quickly cut to the other methods.

Cheat chapter: a set of Eclipse can be switched simultaneously, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified: 1. First of all, first installed in the cultural package.

2. On the desktop shortcut, add the parameter, English ->-nl "zh_US" Traditional ->-nl "zh_TW" Simplified ->-nl "zh_CN" (other languages and so on)

2.1.2 Medium as my culture, my Eclipse in my desktop shortcut add parameter-n1 "zh_US". "C: Program Fileseclipseeclipse.exe"-n "zh_US" interface will be changed back to English language.

The use of Eclipse, in Word Edit instrument will not re-code: The procedure Eclipse Edit area to copy down the entire code (Ctrl + C), directly paste (Ctrl + V) into Word or WordPad, you will find in Word format in the program code with the Eclipse set exactly the same, including the font, indent, keywords color. I have tried JBuilder, GEL, NetBeans ... ... the use of copy paste, only indented format, the fonts, colors, and so will not change. Article Plug: Plug-install: download the plug-in package came back, extract it, you will find features, plugins that two data folders, everything will be inside the copy or move to the Eclipse's features, plugins Data folder, the Eclipse to restart.

So that Eclipse can use drag and drop the same way JBuilderX construct GUI plug: 1.Jigloo SWT / Swing GUI Builder: download this version: Jigloo plugin for Eclipse (using Java 1.4 or 1.5)

After installation you can from the file -> New -> Other -> GUI Form to select the type of construction of the GUI.

2.Eclipse Visual Editor Project: Click below the Download Page, and then click to enter the download Latest Release 0.5.0.

In addition to to download things, the following two also: EMF build 1.1.1: (build page) (download zip)

GEF Build 2.1.2: (build page) (download zip)

I have only tested version of Eclipse 2.1.2, use the yes OK!

Version 3.0 and above users, please download: Eclipse build I20040324: 1.0.0 Stream Integration Build I20040325 Thu, 25 Mar 2004 - 12:09 (-0500)

1.0.0 Stream Nightly Build N20040323a Tue, 23 Mar 2004 - 13:53 (-0500)

Note: 3.0 or later, only to build I20040324 normal use. After a successful installation, you can by the New -> Java-> AWT and Swing in the selection of the GUI to construct the type of the beginning of the design. VE must be combined with the corresponding version to normal use, otherwise, even if the installation is successful, the use will still have questions.

JSP using Eclipse to develop procedures for: Plug-name: lomboz (download page)

? group_id = 97 Please select fit their own version of lomboz download, express version 2.1.2, express M7 version ... ... and so on.

lomboz installation and settings of teaching: Eclipse to develop JSP-teaching Java to exe files papers: implementation modalities: Eclipse with JSmooth (free).

1. First production Eclipse of Manifest contains JAR. 2. Use JSmooth will do a good job in packaging the JAR into EXE. JSmooth download page: 3. Produced the exe file, you can have installed Windows on the implementation of the JRE.

Eclipse-Java editor best settings: Editor Font Settings: Workbench -> Fonts -> Java Editor Text Font.

(Recommended settings Courier New-regular 10)

Editor settings: Window -> Preferences -> Java-> Editor appearance: Display line number, emphasizing symmetry shown in square brackets, to emphasize that the existing line to show Print Margins its check, Tab width set 4, print made from the field for 80. program code to help: you can take the default.

Syntax: set keywords, strings and so on color display. Note: The default can be taken.

Input: All fields are checked.

Floating note: the default can be taken.

Navigation: default can be taken.

Automatic typesetting ranked by effect, the most in line with the Java design practice settings: Automatic layout settings: Window -> Preferences -> Java-> code produced format.

Line: All is not checked.

Branch: line length limit established: 80. Stylesheet: only the mandatory transition, insert a blank check.

Reduce the number of inside spaces: Set 4. Eclipse's teaching documents: the expansion of Eclipse's Java development tools (Chinese)

Use Eclipse to develop J2EE applications (Chinese)

The use of Eclipse platform debug (Chinese)

Using Eclipse for XML development (Chinese)

The development of Eclipse plug-in procedures (English)

Internationalize your Eclipse plug-in program (English)

Swing Editor will add Eclipse (English)

How to test your Eclipse plug-in line with international market demand (English
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