Java Open Source AJAX Framework

Eclipse RAP

Java Open Source AJAX Framework

Eclipse RAP project aims to enable developers to use Eclipse development model to build Rich, Ajax-enabled Web applications. The main use of the well-known Eclipse platform plug-in mechanism for expansion and a point contained in SWT / JFace API of the widget toolkit.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

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Java Open Source AJAX Framework a cross-browser user interface JavaScript libraries. Including animation (animation), drag-and-drop (drag / drop), Ajax, DOM utility, unit testing (unit testing), such as API. Prototype JavaScript framework which is a subsidiary.
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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

Rocket-GWT provides a set of applications in the development of RIA, the common to the GWT Widget (such as: Rich Menu System, the level / vertical Slider and Splitter panel, four styles of TabPanel, tree widget, auto complete box widget, etc.) and some other useful functions (such as: dependency injection, drag and drop, etc.). rocket-gwt all widget and components with a unit test and example.
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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

jqUploader is a flash-based file upload widget, can be used to replace the html in the file input tag. From that it can show the upload progress bar and percentage.
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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

SWFUpload is a flash-based client and the javascript file upload component. You can file selection dialog by ctrl / shift key to select more than one-time upload files. All events can add Javascript callback function. From before the start can be made in the file information. Able to take advantage of file upload HTML display some of the information. Do not need to refresh the page. When Flash or javascript is not supported, it can automatically become a normal HTML upload Form. From before the start in the control file size. When the upload multiple files, it will automatically create upload queue, has not yet begun in the upload queue prior to be removed from or add files.
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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

dhtmlxVault is an AJAX-based technology development, including the progress bar more than the DHTML JavaScript File Upload component.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

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Ext UploadForm

Java Open Source AJAX Framework

Ext UploadForm developed based on the ext file upload component. Can add multiple files to upload queue which can also be removed from the queue inside the documents do not need, or are empty the entire queue.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

MyGWT is an open source Google Web Toolkit user interface component library. ExtJs components will be fully used to achieve GWT.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

GChart the development of a GWT-based mapping component. It is entirely appropriate for the client needs to generate the data should be the procedure of the Chart.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

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Prototype UI

Java Open Source AJAX Framework

Prototype UI is a Prototype1.6 and based on the development of commonly used Web UI component library. These components have: easy to use; highly configurable; free replacement skin, and to provide a user-friendly API.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

SmartClient Ajax platform used to be a commercial product, now based on the LGPL license as an open source project. SmartClient Ajax platform include: do not need to install a DHTML / AJAX client engine; a fat client UI components and services; client and server data binding system. SmartClient features:
1. Client-side Ajax: in all of the SmartClient presentation layer functions and all HTML Health and Chengdu in the browser to complete. Or the generation of HTML functions that do not require the layer to deal with through the server. Once the complete SmartClient loaded in the browser and the server only the data transmission between.
2. Multi-platform support: SmartClient server platform with the task of integration through a number of cross-platform standards such as: REST and WSDL web services. SmartClient also includes a Java integration server for accelerated integration with the Java server, and a number of popular Java frameworks such as Java Beans / EJB, Spring, Struts and Hibernate.
3. To increase the upgrade: SmartClient components can be easily embedded into existing applications. Add Grids, forms, trees, dialogs, wizards and other components SmartClient not change the existing structure.
4. Object-Oriented: SmartClient provides object-oriented JavaScript APIs, all its components through the creation of XML or JavaScript. Standard object-oriented model allows you to easily expand, customize and create a new SmartClient components and Ajax do not need to learn the underlying technology or for cross-browser testing and debugging.
5. Metadata-driven.
6.AJAX MVC (similar to Struts for AJAX).
In addition through the Adobe AIR platform, Firefox extensions, Google Gears and other technologies, SmartClient supports include offline applications, SmartClient applications provide desktop installed version (no changes to the task code), client-compatible mobile browser Safari, Opera and IE and so on.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

DWR is a similar jabsorb simple, lightweight Ajax / Web 2.0 framework. It can run on web browser, JavaScript code on the Java web application call methods, like calling the local browser supports the same object. jabsorb use JSON-RPC protocol as its transport mechanism, JSON-RPC is a non-subject agreement, it can jabsorb with other standard JSON-RPC client and server (to allow the use of other languages) with interaction.
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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

Telosys is a Web2.0 application for the development of open-source framework. The framework is based on the C / S structure of thinking, using J2EE (Servlet, JSP, JDBC), lightweight clients and AJAX technology.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

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IT Mill Toolkit

Java Open Source AJAX Framework

IT Mill Toolkit is an open source RIA development framework. Its features include:
1. So that you can take advantage of object-oriented methods (such as: inheritance and composition) to the development of RIA (Rich Internet Applications) applications.
2. To provide a large number of features with Ajax, compatible with all major components of the browser interface and do not need to learn new Web technologies such as JavaScript, DOM, labels and so on.
3. The use of secure server-side programming model to avoid the application of your data security threats by JavaScript.
4. The use of Google Web Toolkit can easily expand and develop their own user interface components.
5. The use of standard CSS style interface components will be able to replace the skin.
6. Support for all standard Java application servers: JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere, and most of the browser IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

GWT-Ext is a GWT-based Web development and ExtJs interface component library. Components include: having to sort, paging and filtering the Grid, to support drag and drop the Tree, flexible configuration ComboBoxe, Tab Panels, Menus & Toolbars, Dialogs, Forms and so on.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

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jQuery UI

Java Open Source AJAX Framework

jQuery UI is a jquery based on building a functional replacement with skin and mouse control of the UI components interact. Used to help developers to build a good user experience of Web applications. Interactive components, including drag / dropping, sorting, selecting, and resizing and so on. Based on these core components to build interactive control of the UI are: accordion, date picker, dialog, slider, table sorter, etc. and the tab.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

GQuery is a "clone" jQuery API an open source project. GQuery not based on jQuery package, but completely new features to achieve GWT1.5. Can use the project to use jQuery in GWT to look up the syntax and operation of DOM elements. Download the source code:

More information GQuery

qooxdoo Web Toolkit

Java Open Source AJAX Framework

QWT (qooxdoo Web Toolkit) is similar to Google Web Toolkit. Java can be used to develop qooxdoo Applications, QWT client part will be automatically converted to JavaScript code.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

Qooxdoo Web Toolkit more information


Java Open Source AJAX Framework

Gson the Java class library can be converted into Java objects JSON, the JSON string can be converted into an equivalent Java object. Gson support any complex object, including Java source code is not object.
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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

Tatami is a Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and the DOJO JavaScript framework for integration of open source projects together. Projects similar to GWT-EXT. DOJO package it into a GWT controls controls, DOJO tools into a GWT package to help category.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

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Java Open Source AJAX Framework

GWT is a SmartGWT use of open source projects SmartClient package. Similar to GWT-Ext . SmartClient Is an enterprise-class ajax framework, including an excellent UI library, tools, library services and client-side data binding and other functions.
Java Open Source AJAX Framework

More information SmartGWT

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