Java cookie to remember user login error

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Very strange, cookie to remember user information to achieve that in Firefox, IE7 and so on are available, but in IE8 failure. Solution, not a java problem is that IE8 with other browser's security settings are different, need to be modified can be set up.

Using IE8 browser that can not be saved Cookie frequent failures. Open the site each time need to re-login, but also refresh the page after you log on to log back in, giving users trouble. This is mainly IE8's default problem Cookie settings, banned Cookie.

We can click on "Tools → Internet Options" command, in the open "Internet Options" window, click on "Privacy" option, and then open the "Internet Options" and "Privacy" tab Click "Advanced" button, in the the pop-up "Advanced Privacy Settings" window check "Override automatic Cookie handling" check box, and then the following "first-party cookie", "third-party cookie" are set to "accept" and finally select the "Always allow Session cookie ", determined to solve this failure can restart of IE8.
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