jacob solution error java.library.path

Java word on the use of configuration problem jacob.jar call a jacob.jar recently used to convert word documents, some issues are on the configuration, first explain some configuration for your reference.
First, under the jacob.dll copy to windows/system32, and in the deployment environment, add jacob.jar package version of these documents must be consistent, otherwise there would be an error, if multiple applications use change package, the best into the public package directory, as some errors may occur.
Second, if still can not correctly configured through the use of change packages, will jacob.dll into Java \ jdk \ jre \ bin directory, if not a web application, you need to jacob.dll into Java \ jdk \ jre \ lib \ ext directory.

If there is still no jacob in the java.library.path error, the jacob.dll into System.getProperty ("java.library.path") access to the directory.

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