J2ME some very special open-source projects (transfer

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StrutsME a lightweight serialization protocols to J2ME client can call the Struts Web application.
JsonME lightweight implementation J2ME Json.
MicroLog lightweight LOG
Mobile Ajax for Java ME includes the XmlHttpRequest, json some of the realization of
https: / / meapplicationdevelopers.dev.java.net / mobileajax.html
Mgtalk personally feel that inside the UI is the most concise set of the most efficient, and relatively lwuit more efficient! And it is Google talk client, very useful
J4me a very good set of UI, which a lot of very useful algorithms, oh very much worth a visit
Twim a Twitter Client client, its style to achieve a little bit unique, so IM can draw!
Mobile Media API Example - Media Sampler to do multi-media is best to use an example of its implementation play a very clever!
kxml J2ME parse XML under an open-source software, the first performance, not how how tried
lwuit Sun open source a UI library, performance needs to be raised, which the 3D interface to switch really COOL, if there is time to bring it out to use it really COOL
https: / / lwuit.dev.java.net /
J2mePolish German open-source UI library, which is more than the amount of code, read all eyes Flower, but the inside is really easy to use with a number of classes brought ah! For example GZIP
ilabsmobiletookbox the first contact with a set of libraries for a long time ago now, and later went to see not how, which enables XMPP, ATOM, HTML, there Widget framework and so on, to see what it does to the architecture can help!
https: / / ilabsmobiletoolbox.dev.java.net /
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