Iterative MAP on Struts2 in traverse

java code, respectively, in the map of types of data into the List

public String travelIndex() throws DataAccessException{
 OuteType outeType = new OuteType();
                List<OuteType> innerList = outeTypeService.list(outeType, 0, 1000);
                outeTypeMap.put(OuteType.FATHERNAME_C, innerList);

                List<OuteType> interList = outeTypeService.list(outeType, 0, 1000);
                outeTypeMap.put(OuteType.FATHERNAME_I, interList);
                return SUCCESS;

struts2 page code:

 <s:iterator value="outeTypeMap">
                        <s:set name="typeId" value="#column.key"></s:set>
                        <s:text name="%{typeId}"></s:text>
                        <s:if test='#typeId=="c"'>
                           <h2><a href="" target="_blank"> Domestic tourism  </a></h2>
                           <s:iterator value="#column.value" status="s">
                                <p><a href="" target="_blank"><s:property value="typeName"/></a><span>|</span></p>
                        <s:elseif test='#typeId=="i"'>
                           <h2><a href="" target="_blank"> International tourism  </a></h2>
                           <s:iterator value="#column.value" status="s">
                                <p><a href="" target="_blank"><s:property value="typeName"/></a><span>|</span></p>

In the page, need to compare map of the key, to achieve different data display.
In <s:if test='#typeId=="c"'> in the original, with <s:if test="#typeId=='c'"> does not work, you must use <s: if test = ' # typeId == "c" '> to be displayed.

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