iSpectrum-2 with Java programs written iPhone

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iSpectrum-written with the Java program an iPhone

Download the official demo available

iSpectrum-2 with Java programs written iPhone

First analysis of iSpectrum the framework of official demo

1 Launcher is the program entry, similar to the main.m, in fact the code is almost Deconstruction

  public void applicationDidFinishLaunching(UIApplication app)
                UIWindow window = new UIWindow();

                nav = new UINavigationController();
                UIViewController ctr = new UIViewController();
                ctr.setTitle("Action sheet");
                ctr.setView(new MainView(nav));

2 see mainview, no delloc really feel so cool, but absence of nib, so it can only initWithFrame added component of the original.

public class MainView extends UIView {
         * Fields
        private UIActionSheet actionSheet;
        private UINavigationController nav;
         * @param n             UINavigationController containing this view.
        public MainView(UINavigationController n){
                nav = n;
                 * ActionSheet
                actionSheet = new UIActionSheet();
                actionSheet.setDelegate(new ActionSheetDelegate(this));
                actionSheet.setTitle("How many items do you want to display ?");
                actionSheet.dismissWithClickedButtonIndexAnimated(0, true);
                actionSheet.addButtonWithTitle("One item");
                actionSheet.addButtonWithTitle("Two items");
                actionSheet.addButtonWithTitle("Three items");
                actionSheet.addButtonWithTitle("Four items");
                 * Button
                 * Being used to open the UIActionSheet.
                UIButton button = new UIButton(){
                        public void controlEvent() {
                                // Display the UIActionSheet
                button.initWithFrame(CGRect.CGRectMake(85, 30, 150, 31));
                button.setBackgroundImageForState(UIImage.imageNamed("buttonBackground.tiff"), 0);
                button.setTitleForState("Create view", 0);
                button.setTitleColorForState(UIColor.blackColor(), 0);
         * @return      nav             Current UINavigationController.
        public UINavigationController getNavigationController(){
                return nav;


Class 3 also have delegation

public class ActionSheetDelegate extends UIActionSheetDelegate {
         * Field
        private MainView view;
         * @param v             MainView that create this object.
        public ActionSheetDelegate(MainView v){
                view = v;
         * Method called by system when user select a button on action sheet.
         * @param actionSheet           ActionSheet calling this method.
         * @param buttonIndex           Index of selected button.
        public void actionSheetClickedButtonAtIndex(UIActionSheet actionSheet,
                        int buttonIndex) {
                if(buttonIndex == 0){
                        // Click on "cancel" button
                else {
                        UIView newView = new UIView().init();
                        // Add to the new UIView as many subviews as user wants.
                        for(int i=1; i<=buttonIndex; i++){
                                UIImageView imageView = new UIImageView();
                                imageView.initWithFrame(CGRect.CGRectMake(i*40, 100, 30, 30));
                        UIViewController viewController = new UIViewController().init();
                        if(buttonIndex == 1)
                                viewController.setTitle(buttonIndex + " added item");
                                viewController.setTitle(buttonIndex + " added items");
                        // Push this new view into UINavigationController stack.
                        view.getNavigationController().pushViewControllerAnimated(viewController, false);

From simple demo seems useful to see the need java, since java completely unable to use, many features and open source code, but also by the plug-in developer's restrictions.
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