--- Introduction and installation of memcached server (switch)

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What is Memcached?

Memcached is a high performance distributed memory object caching system for dynamic Web application to reduce the database load. It does this by caching data in memory and objects to reduce the number of times to read the database to provide dynamic, database-driven Web site speed. Memcached is based on a memory key / value pairs hashmap. The daemon (daemon) is written in C, but the client can be written in any language, and by agreement with the memcached daemon communication. But it does not provide redundancy (for example, copy the hashmap entry); When a server S stops or crashes, all stored in the S on the key / value pairs are lost.
Memcached developed by the Danga Interactive for LiveJournal.com improve access speed. LJ dynamic page views per second, thousands of times, the user 7000000.
Memcached will significantly reduce the database load, and better allocation of resources, faster access.

How to use the memcached-Server-side?

In the server running: #. / Memcached-d-m 2048-l 11211

This will start a process that takes 2G memory, and open the 11211 port for receiving requests. Because the system can only handle 32-bit addressing 4G memory, so more than 4G memory usage on the server PAE 32-bit processes can run 2-3, and listen on different ports

http://code.jellycan.com/memcached/ download memcached-1.2.1-win32.zip package

memcached 1.2.1 for Win32 binaries
This is the Win32 memcached server latest version, downloaded directly on it;

With the source package, in accordance with the following steps
1. Unzip the file to c: \ memcached.
2. The command line, type 'c: \ memcached \ memcached.exe-d install'; or run c: \ memcached \ instalService.bat file.
3. The command line, type 'c: \ memcached \ memcached.exe-d start'; or run c: \ memcached \ memcached.exe file. (The command to start Memcached, the default port is 11211 ******)
(Note: after windows memcached as a service to automatically start each time. This server has been installed a)
By memcached.exe-h to view its help
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