Install oracle10g in win7 problems encountered

After installed win7, download JDK, configuration environment variable, installation MyEclipse8, install MySQL, configure Tomcat6 all the way down without any problem, is to install Oracle10G problems. win7 not compatible with oracle 10G, 10G, but teaching must use it or give up the idea of installing 11G. Specific installation process is as follows:

Will oralce 10G extract all the installation disk image, find the \ stage \ prereq \ db \ under refhost.xml file add the following:

<! - Microsoft Windows 7 ->

Then install directory to find oraparam.ini file, add the following:
# Minimum display colours for OUI to run
# Minimum CPU speed required for OUI
# CPU = 300

Click steup.exe after installation, then select Advanced Options, Custom installation, or a problem, so helpless that only use the default configuration, all the way down, the installation was successful.

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