In the use of Zen Conding Komodo Edit


Komodo Edit Komodo IDE is a free editor component, and I usually use it to edit HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML and other static files, which add / delete comments easily. Today's record to the editor to add about Zen Coding feature.


Komodo Edit description

Zen Coding Project

Zen Coding Introduction

Implementation steps:

1. To the community to download Zen Coding support for Komodo Edit / IDE to the local, the current version is 0.6.1

2. Open the Editor, File -> Open ... -> File select just download the xpi file, confirm the installation install, installed as a Firefox plug-ins, like Bahrain restart the editor. After the restart should be able to see the Zen in the menu bar options, as shown:

In the use of Zen Conding Komodo Edit

3. Set Zen Coding in Komodo Edit the shortcut key (and in Aptana shortcut in to the Zen set up much simpler than the ~)

Menu bar: Edit -> Preferences ...

The left column Category: Editor -> Key Bindings, right column in Figure Display:

In the use of Zen Conding Komodo Edit

Commands entered in the input box to filter out all Zen Zen Coding shortcut options

Select Expand Abbreviation such action, in the New Key Sequence type Ctrl + /

Click Add, for the first time to add custom shortcuts editor will pop up a box for you to enter a custom list of names, such as me this was Zen_default, the editor will remain the default shortcut key settings default / emacs / vi since these can not be defined.

Zen configured to use the save option after the shortcut keys to restart the editor to set the force.

4. Use Zen Coding

Create a new html file, enter:


Press Ctrl + / automatically appear:



To write HTML for the day, people who are Zen Coding can improve the editing efficiency and reduce duplication of input.

Other IDE and Editor are also similar support, you can check the specific item description Zen

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