In the HP-UX platform cluster of WebLogic 9.2 domain structure to create articles

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  • mvcen Local Install jar package (mounted switch)

    mvn install: install-file-DgroupId = com.hp.sqm.slam.persistence-DartifactId = slam-persistence-slaengine-Dversion = 1.0-SNAPSHOT-Dpackaging = jar-Dfile = C: \ slam-slaengineear-1.0-SNAPSHOT \ slam-persistence-slaengine-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

  • JVM parameters cause OutOfMemory

    Content of the above is my HP UNIX host (there are other JAVA applications exist) the above tests, the test results so that I doubt there is no way to understand. Add: JDK version is 1.6

  • Zabbix - WEB-based enterprise information systems and network monitoring system

    zabbix to monitor various network parameters to ensure the safe operation of server systems; and to provide flexible notification mechanism to allow administrators to quickly locate / resolve existing problems. Zabbix main functions: Automatic discov ...

  • Eclipse developers can use LoadRunner to run the Java code

    Java developers using the LoadRunner testing, and if we can directly use the Java programs written test, then, will feel very comfortable. The native LoadRunner Java language itself, the editor is very unfriendly to use, if we can edit the Java code in Ec

  • HP-UX: Asynchronous i / o

    PURPOSE ------- The purpose of this document is to discuss the implementation of asynchronous i / o (aio) on HP-UX, specifically to enable aio for the Oracle RDBMS Server. SCOPE & APPLICATION ------------------- This note is intended for DBAs and ...

  • What is Swap Space (Pseudo-Swap)?

    Pseudo-swap space allows for the use of system memory as a third type of swap space. That is, HP-UX swap space can also consist of up to seven-eighths (87.5%) of system memory capacity. For example, a computer with one GB of system memory and one GB ...

  • System.Data.OracleClient needs to resolve Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or higher

    Requirements of a project the company's server operating systems and windows2008 using oracle database, so after the installation is complete Windows2008, they last downloaded oracle10g copied to the server installation, did not expect an error, a pop

  • BEA Tuxedo development experience

    The two major selling points: Resources-class services, reliable message queue; Advantages: 1. System uses C / C + + development, implementation of more efficient than JAVA, fit in the OLTP system; 2. Tuxedo system to shield the details of API method ...

  • Java Service Wrapper

    va Service Wrapper (hereinafter referred to as JSW) is a Java application that can be packaged into a Windows service (service) or a Unix daemon (daemon) program and is free of charge. It runs on: aix - AIX freebsd - FreeBSD hpux, hpux64 - HP-UX, 32 ...

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