In the HP-UX platform cluster of WebLogic 9.2 domain structure to create articles

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  • hp ux delete empty folders 2011-08-18

    hp ux delete empty folders rm-r folder name

  • Domain name registration service provider exposes industry insider, a user faced with layers trap " 2010-03-29

    Domain name registration service provider exposes industry insider, a user faced with layers of traps " The right to ownership of domain names Many go to the domain name registered users will find a strange thing, she wanted a very simple and easy to

  • DNS Domain Name under Linux 2010-05-29

    1, DNS Services 1. Basic principles DNS (Domain Name System, Domain Name System) is used to name the organization to the domain hierarchy in the computer and network services. DNS name for the Internet and other TCP / IP network, through a user-frien

  • Weblogic Study Notes 2010-06-22

    First, install the WebLogic 9.2 Installation is very simple, basically you can click Next, and there are two steps to accept the agreement, select yes (is) you can, the other to keep the default option. Second, configure the WebLogic 9.2 domain (work

  • BEA Tuxedo development experience 2009-04-21

    The two major selling points: Resources-class services, reliable message queue; Advantages: 1. System uses C / C + + development, implementation of more efficient than JAVA, fit in the OLTP system; 2. Tuxedo system to shield the details of API method

  • Open Source Monitoring Software 2010-05-13

    Open Source Monitoring Software 1, Zenoss Core Zenoss Core is the open source enterprise-class IT management software - is an intelligent monitoring software, he allows IT administrators to rely on a single network architecture WEB console to monitor

  • Software Testing Tools Daquan 2009 Edition 2010-07-09

    Comments] [IT168 Software Testing Tools Daquan the first part, are listed below, not one hundred percent full, for testing purposes only peer-reference: Functional automated testing tools Vendor tool name * Mercury Winrunner Notes: The world's most a

  • Software testing tools Daquan 2010-08-16

    Enterprise-level automated testing tools WinRunner Nomination reason: Mercury Interactive's WinRunner is an enterprise-level functional testing tool for testing whether the application can achieve the desired function and normal operation. By automat

  • FFmpeg compiled with Android NDK 2010-12-03

    FFmpeg compiled with Android NDK POSTED AT: 2010-07-24 06:38:52 UTC | POSTED IN: Android | 69 COMMENTS | EDIT Android built-in codec is too small, so we need to FFmpeg. Android provides the NDK, as we use the C language code for FFmpeg which offers c

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