IE browser memory leak detection tools

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With the development of Web2.0 technology, rich client applications can be said more and more to each browser great pressure. The previous test may only focus on the server side, but now need to study the resources of browser usage, such as CPU utilization, response time and memory footprint. Based on the actual test results, a considerable number of JavaScript code is written is flawed, leading to the code in the IE browser memory leak occurs when the principle of disclosure, refer to Microsoft's website a technical paper, "Understanding and Solving Internet Explorer Leak Patterns " , said plainly, because Dom and javaScript different garbage collection mechanisms, so there are a variety of disclosure. Be explained that, basically the disclosure appeared in the IE code does not appear in FireFox, IE browser component is essentially a COM component, using count recovery, FireFox done in this area better, but I found Even without the leak, but FireFox will run for some time to respond to slow, CPU high, very depressed ... that far away, back to the topic.

IE memory leaks now common tools for two main: sIEve and IE JavaScript Memory Leak Detector.

  • sIEve

Official Website:

Download: Download sieve-0.0.8.exe

This is a standalone desktop exe program, no installation, embedded within an IE browser control, the user can control access through the need to test pages.

This tool from Sourceforge open source project ieleak , but I do not know why the development was stalled, no version of the update, only to see the source code left behind.

As can be seen from the code, sIEve monitor the number of references to DOM objects, if, after unloading the page, there is reference to the DOM object is greater than 0, it will display the DOM object, and also real-time display in the user operation DOM leak memory and when the situation.

Advantages: source code, can refer to the study, independent tool, no installation. I remember a story, IE8 release, IE's development manager also suggested that developers use to debug memory leak sIEve.

Disadvantages: can not release the DOM object provides, but do not know the code DOM object is javaScript when and where cause leakage, can not locate the leak causes; version is not updated.

  • IE JavaScript Memory Leak Detector

Official Website:

This tool developed by Microsoft's internal staff, function seems to be stronger than sIEve.

IE JavaScript Memory Leak Detector to install, as IE plug-in form, you can enable the toolbar menu and shut down IE after startup in the bottom of the emergence of a working window.

This tool will monitor the code injected into the IE browser, the dynamic link library, IE DOM, or JavaScript is doing the interpretation, the tool will be intercepted, recorded and transmitted, IE did not realize that IE JavaScript Memory Leak Detector existence.

IE users can open the IE JavaScript Memory Leak Detector, and then visit the need to test the page, when you switch pages, IE JavaScript Memory Leak Detector will report suspicious memory leaks, including leaks in the DOM object, causing leakage of the reference code and source code This tool is a simple javascript code is very useful no doubt, but I actually used were found for complex code, such as using The dojo toolkit of Javascrpt code, and even if a memory leak, caused by leakage of Yin Yong code and two functions source code is difficult to come in handy, will ultimately point to dojo source files, but that position may be wrong, such as orientation to comment on Khan ....

Unfortunately, this tool in addition to following the beta version and never updated.

In addition, IE JavaScript Memory Leak Detector can be separately simulated IE6 \ IE7's leak, the fundamental difference is that IE7 memory leak problem is a big step forward can recover all attach to a DOM object tree of the leak.

Advantages: contains the leak locating.

Disadvantages: For complicated Javascript code, not pinpoint the leak location.
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