IE and firefox general JS function copy to clipboard

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1.function copyToClipboard (txt) (
2. If (window.clipboardData) (
3. Window.clipboardData.clearData ();
4. Window.clipboardData.setData ("Text", txt);
5.) Else if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf ("Opera")! = -1) (
6. Window.location = txt;
7.) Else if (window.netscape) (
8. Try (
9. ("UniversalXPConnect");
10.) Catch (e) (
11. Alert ("is your browser to refuse! \ N in the browser address bar enter 'about: config' and carriage return \ n then 'signed.applets.codebase_principal_support' set to 'true'");
13. Var clip = Components.classes ['@ / widget / clipboard; 1']. CreateInstance (Components.interfaces.nsIClipboard);
14. If (! Clip)
15. Return;
16. Var trans = Components.classes ['@ / widget / transferable; 1']. CreateInstance (Components.interfaces.nsITransferable);
17. If (! Trans)
18. Return;
19. Trans.addDataFlavor ('text / unicode');
20. Var str = new Object ();
21. Var len = new Object ();
22. Var str = Components.classes ["@ / supports-string; 1"]. CreateInstance (Components.interfaces.nsISupportsString);
23. Var copytext = txt;
24. = copytext;
25. Trans.setTransferData ("text / unicode", str, copytext.length * 2);
26. Var clipid = Components.interfaces.nsIClipboard;
27. If (! Clip)
28. Return false;
29. Clip.setData (trans, null, clipid.kGlobalClipboard);
30. Alert ("Copy succeeded!")
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