I used the information oracle 2.2

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/****************************** 1. According to department inquiries sector information *********** ID ******************/
type empcur is ref cursor;
v_cur empcur;
v_type naemp% rowtype;
v_no int;
v_no: = & Please enter the sector number;
open v_cur for select * into v_type from naemp where empno = v_no;
fetch v_cur into v_type;
while v_cur% found
dbms_output.PUT_LINE (v_type.empno | | '' | | v_type.empdeptno | | '' | | v_type.empname | | '' | | v_type.empsal | | '' | | v_type.empmanager);
fetch v_cur into v_type;
end loop;
close v_cur;
/**************************** 2. According to the information and determine the number check wage scale *********** **************/
type emp_cur is ref cursor;
v_cur emp_cur;
v_sal naemp.EMPSAL% type;
v_no naemp.empno% type;
v1 nanemp% rowtype;
v_grade varchar2 (4);
/ * The ID check salary * /
v_no: = & Please enter the sector number;
open v_cur for select empsal from naemp where empno = v_no;
fetch v_cur into v_sal;
dbms_output.PUT_LINE (v_sal);
close v_cur;
/ * Determine the salary level * /
open v_cur for select * from nanemp;
fetch v_cur into v1;
while v_cur% found
v_grade: = case
when v1.empsal> = 10000 then 'A'
when v1.empsal> = 8000 then 'B'
when v1.empsal> = 5000 then 'C'
when v1.empsal> = 2000 then 'D'
else 'E'
dbms_output.PUT_LINE (v1.empname | | 'wage level is' | | v_grade);
fetch v_cur into v1;
end loop;
close v_cur;
/***** With the exception handling of the wage scale inquiry ***********/
type v_cursor is ref cursor;
v_cur v_cursor;
v_row naemp% rowtype;
v_level varchar2 (2);
v_no number;
v_no: = & Please enter the sector number;
open v_cur for select empno, empname, empdeptno, empsal, empmanager from naemp where empno = v_no;
fetch v_cur into v_row;
if v_cur% notfound then
raise no_data_found;
end if;
dbms_output.PUT_LINE (v_row.empsal);
v_level: = case
when v_row.empsal> = 10000 then 'A'
when v_row.empsal> = 8000 then 'B'
when v_row.empsal> = 5000 then 'C'
when v_row.empsal> = 2000 then 'D'
else 'E'
dbms_output.PUT_LINE ('the employee's wage level is now:' | | v_level);
close v_cur;
when no_data_found then
dbms_output.PUT_LINE ('Sorry! not the employee!');
when others then
dbms_output.PUT_LINE ('Unknown error!');
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