I heard good Ruby and Rails site

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1. Ruby Inside is said to be the best news station, the subscriber number 16xxx

[img] http://www.rubyinside.com/simg/logo.gif "alt =" [/ img]


2. Rails Inside is also a news station, the subscriber number of 3xxx

[img] http://www.railsinside.com/wp-content/themes/railsinside/images/logo.gif "alt =" [/ img]


3. RubyNow have an English version of the job board, the Chinese version of the news station

Comparison of the cow is a Chinese version of the video stations, although the video is not big, but have provided bt and http download site

Know that he is Carlos Brando because of Ruby on Rails 2.2 WHAT'S NEW that the Chinese version of the above pdf has a recommend to connect

[img] http://www.rubynow.com/logo.gif "alt =" [/ img]


4. Envy Casts each new version of Rails from 2.0,2.1 to 2.2 by the time he would make a large section of video and dozens of pages of pdf out, the most powerful are all are sold for money, and a $ 9
2.1 2.2 version of the can see the Chinese translation version of the

I heard good Ruby and Rails site


5. IceskYsl @ 1sters! 1sters! Chinese blog, has more than 400 articles, was also heard
Yes, he recently learned that the 2.1 version of the Translation rails what's new


6. Translation made on ror group, recently quite active, always able to see a relatively new translation of the Chinese version of article. But information is not many, have a few 10

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