Hundred developers interview question - test part of the answer

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First answer here Hundred software developers interview question Test part of the future have time to answer software engineering, software project management and other various parts. The answers to these questions generally do not correct or not, the individual answer is different from just wanted to answer here is relatively good, for your help.

1. What is regression testing? How do you know the new changes introduced to existing function without causing damage?

【Reference】 answer because the software to modify or change , a modified version of the job may affect the scope of the testing is regression testing. The purpose of regression testing are found in the original functional characteristics of the normal emergence of a new problem - regression defects, thereby ensuring that the original or normal characteristics to meet the requirements from the impact of changes in other regions. Regression testing, along with the testing process, unit testing, integration testing and system testing, once has to change or amend, we must undertake the appropriate regression testing.

See through the code or code review, can be fundamental to know whether the newly introduced changes will affect the existing functions, but are not sure, so the need for regression testing.

2. If the business layer and data layer has to rely on the relationship between, you how to write unit tests?

【Reference】 answer

In JAVA, if the business layer and data layer has to rely on the relationship between, that is not a simple business deal, then we generally use Mock objects to simulate the data needed to carry out unit testing. Is easy to say mock model, simulation tests, when necessary the object and test data. This type of testing tools have MockObjects, Xdoclet, EasyMock, MockCreator, MockEJB, ObjcUnit , JMock, etc.

For instance, used the Struts all know, Struts in action-type to run the server must rely on the support, only the server can provide HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse object, if we do not restart the server, then there is no way for the action category for unit testing, and with mock , the Action to be completed struts testing.

On the business layer tests can be used to simulate Mock, and how to test the data layer? There are two ways:

Mock objects to test the use of DAO. It shielding specific relational database, and its advantage is the preparation of test code, it can run fast. Disadvantage: too risky, the data layer is too small to test the strength, shielding a lot of database-related issues, such as: objects and mapping between database tables, query syntax is correct.
Directly in the relational database to test. Advantages: the data layer to complete the test. Disadvantage: slow running unit tests, it is necessary to frequently operate on the database

Can also refer to the following article:

3. What are the tools you use to test code quality?

【Reference】 This answer depends on the use of tools , experience, and this experience, more developers. The main tool has suitable Java code Checkstyle , Findbugs , Jalopy , PMD , Parasoft Jtest , Coverity Prevent for Java ; Suitable C + + language, have Parasoft C + + Test , Coverity Prevent for C / C + +

4. At the deployment of Products, you are the most commonly encountered and what types of questions?

【Reference】 answer Products deployed , easy to run into the problem are not on the installation configuration, test environment and the actual operating environment is always different. Secondly, the problems may be system stability problems, performance issues, perhaps because of dirty data, transmission of abnormal data and caused large amounts of data.

5. What is code coverage? How many code coverage?

【Reference】 answer when we want to know the adequacy of testing whether some places has not been tested on the test required of all places have been know , that is, know the extent of test coverage. Tested more fully and a higher level of test coverage, the more the quality of the product can be guaranteed. This level of quantification is to test coverage, test coverage are used to measure the extent of the test is completed, or assessment test activities cover a product code to quantify the results of the quality assessment test, but also indirectly the quality of the product code measurement method. If you use the formula described in words, can be seen as "the testing process has proven regional or collection" and "request was to test the overall regional or collection of" ratio.

Based on code test coverage evaluation is being tested program code statements, code blocks, categories, functions (methods), path, or the conditions of coverage analysis. If the application based on code coverage analysis, required by the general tools (such as IBM Rational PureCoverage, Bullseye Coverage, open-source Clover, EMMA, Cobertura and NoUnit, etc.) to implement.

6. Functional testing and exploratory testing What is the difference? How do you test the site?

【Reference】 answer questions on the subject itself has the "functional test" and "exploratory testing" unreasonable comparison. Functional tests included in the "Test Case has been completed in accordance with or has plans to test the outline, such as testing" and "exploratory testing" and exploratory testing in general is found in order to function in the problem, although the test will be to explore the safety testing, performance testing.

Functional testing methods, including divided into equivalence classes, boundary value analysis, cause and effect diagram, decision table, such as orthogonal test method, including error guessing method, error guessing method also can be classified as exploratory tests.

Exploratory testing, random testing can also be said (ad-hoc test), give full play to the testers biggest Smart and creativity, a variety of conjectures and test, go find some relatively deep relatively hidden or remote software defects. Random (ad-hoc) tests can also be used as an important supplementary means test in order to help testing personnel familiar with the products as soon as possible and found that the lack of test cases, test cases to add or improve. My book "The entire process of software testing" On them to do a full discussion.

Test site, not only to do functional testing, including functional itemized verified negative for functional testing, exploratory testing, but also to carry out security testing, performance testing, UI testing applicability.

7. Test suite, test cases, test plan, which is the difference between what? How do you organize the test?

【Reference】 answer test cases (test case) are found in order to more effectively design deficiencies can be independent to carry out the smallest test unit. Test suite (test suite) is a test in order to complete goals or mission organized collection of a number of test cases. Test plan (test plan) is a pre-planned test activities, including the identification of testing the scope of testing to estimate the workload of testing to identify risks, resources and progress of the arrangements. Test Plan to guide the design of test cases and test suite creation, test suites are constituted by the test cases. Test the implementation of the plan required by test cases, test suite to achieve.

Organization of testing, is easy to say that plans to test the -> the design of test cases -> create a test suite -> run the test suite (test cases for the implementation of transformation) -> the test results analysis and assessment -> adjust the test plan -> ... ... See details "The entire process of software testing"

8. To the e-commerce site to do smoke testing, you will make what type of test?

【Reference】 smoke test answers (smoke test) the name of the origin, perhaps from the circuit boards are tested for. When the circuit board to do a good job because after the first test will be electric, if the board did not smoke during the other test, or else go on the return. Software smoke test is constructed in a day (daily build) package, the basic functions of the system for rapid testing to verify whether the basic functions of normal operation. If you have questions, hit back to the development sector; if the normal operation of that package was successfully constructed, then we can carry out conventional testing or large-scale testing.

Of e-commerce site to do smoke testing, including basic functional testing and performance testing. Basic functional testing can be completed full course of a transaction, that is, from the system log -> merchandise query -> select merchandise -> submit Order -> confirm -> Payment -> settlement.

9. At customer acceptance testing will be found that are not satisfied with things and how to minimize this situation happen?

【Reference】 customers may find the answer to functionality or interface design , and expected him inconsistent, or find that some function is not very convenient to operate, or find some typos and other defects. For different questions, have the corresponding number of ways, be summed up and the client to communicate fully and truly understand the needs of customers, and customer understanding reached. Secondly, during development, but also can invite customers to participate in software design specification, test plans, test cases, such as assessment, when the software was basically normal working hours from start to finish once again invited customers again (product work-through). Finally, that is, developers and testers, the nature of their job to do a good job, build a high-quality software, to carry out adequate testing.

10. You last year in testing and quality assurance aspects of learned what?

【Reference】 answers through their own specific problems encountered to illustrate . For example, a specific defect analysis, so that you know to a certain problem, then find the real reason, and be overcome. Alternatively, the adoption of a quality accident, and enhance the "quality first" awareness, or because of some conflicts to result in a project quality issues, recognizing that "communication", "flow" or "normative

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Hundred developers interview question - test part of the answer


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