HTTP error codes and the meaning of

2xx success
200 normal; the request has been completed.
201 normal; immediately POST command.
202 normal; has been accepted for processing, but the handling is not complete.
203 normal; partial information - the returned information is only a part of.
204 normal; No response - has received the request, but there is no information to be sent back.
3xx Redirection
301 have been moved - the requested data have a new location and the change is permanent.
302 have been found - the requested data has a different temporary URI.
303 Please refer to the other - can be found under another URI to the request, response, and should use the GET method to retrieve the response.
304 Not Modified - the expected failure to modify a document.
305 using a proxy - must pass in the location field to provide the proxy to access the requested resource.
306 not used - no longer used; keep this code for future use.
4xx client errors
400 Bad Request - Request a grammar problem, or can not comply with the request.
401 Unauthorized - unauthorized client access to data.
402 need to pay - said the billing system has been effective.
403 Forbidden - even if there does not need authorization to access.
404 not found - server can not find the given resources; document does not exist.
407 proxy authentication requests - the client must first use the proxy authentication itself.
415 Unsupported media type - the server refused to service the request because the entity does not support the requested format.
5xx Server Error
500 Internal error - because of unforeseen circumstances, the server can not fulfill the request.
501 not implemented - server does not support the request tool.
502 Bad gateway - The server received an invalid response from the upstream server.
503 can not access to services - due to temporary overloading or maintenance, the server can not process the request.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
HTTP 400 - Invalid request
HTTP 401.1 - Unauthorized: Logon Failed
HTTP 401.2 - Unauthorized: Logon failed due to server configuration issues
HTTP 401.3 - ACL to prohibit access to resources
HTTP 401.4 - Unauthorized: Authorization has been refused Filter
HTTP 401.5 - Unauthorized: ISAPI or CGI Authorization failed
HTTP 403 - Forbidden
HTTP 403 - of the Internet Services Manager (HTML) is limited to access to Localhost
HTTP 403.1 Forbidden: executable access to prohibit
HTTP 403.2 - Forbidden: Read access prohibited
HTTP 403.3 - Forbidden: Write Access Prohibition
HTTP 403.4 - Forbidden: SSL required
HTTP 403.5 - Forbidden: SSL 128 required
HTTP 403.6 - Forbidden: IP address rejected
HTTP 403.7 - Forbidden: Client certificate required
HTTP 403.8 - Forbidden: Site access to prohibit
HTTP 403.9 - Forbidden: too many users connected to
HTTP 403.10 - Forbidden: Invalid Configuration
HTTP 403.11 - Forbidden: Password Change
HTTP 403.12 - Forbidden: Mapper denied access to
HTTP 403.13 - Forbidden: Client certificate has been revoked
HTTP 403.15 - Forbidden: Client access licenses too
HTTP 403.16 - Forbidden: Client certificate untrusted or invalid
HTTP 403.17 - Forbidden: Client certificate has expired or not yet in force
HTTP 404.1 - were unable to find Web sites
HTTP 404 - File can not be found
HTTP 405 - Resource has been prohibited
HTTP 406 - not acceptable
HTTP 407 - Proxy authentication required
HTTP 410 - forever is not available
HTTP 412 - a prerequisite for failure
HTTP 414 - Request - URI too long
HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error
HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error - ASP error
HTTP 500-11 server down
Restart HTTP 500-12 Application
HTTP 500-13 - Server too busy
HTTP 500-14 - the application is invalid
HTTP 500-15 - a request for global.asa are not allowed
Error 501 - Unrealized
HTTP 502 - Gateway Error

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