How to use the best way to improve the indigo dye color yield

Keywords: How to use the best way to improve the indigo dye Indigo dye color yield increased color yield is through the use the best processing conditions and in the pre-impregnated with a suitable cationic compounds pretreatment: (1) indigo dye concentration: color depth k / s values with increased dye concentration increased, but when the dye concentration of more than 3g / l, the the constant. (2) soaking time: 30s enough. Extension of soaking time does not increase the color depth. (3) oxidation time: 60s or longer oxidation time, color yield is quite stable. (4) impregnated Views: general impregnated by 10 to reach the best color yield. Before impregnation, the fabric containing 12% hercosett57 200g / l and sandozin ni10g / l of solution treatment 5min, rolling liquid, pick up 80%, 100 ℃ drying 5min, help increase color depth. hercosett57 the hercule companies to supply water-soluble polyamide cation - epichlorohydrin resin, is a result of diene Aza (sazaetidiun) compounds. sandozin ni Department of the Swiss sandoz corporate non-ionic detergent and wetting agent, Department of allyl derivatives of oxygen. (5) Temperature: impregnation should be carried out at low temperature, unless the use of sodium hydrosulfite as a reducing agent outside only when necessary to maintain the temperature. At low temperature (eg at 20 ℃), leuco indigo dye affinity for good, and for the oxidation of indigo fabric and then restored to the follow-up less chance of impregnation tank. General, increased color depth as the temperature decreases. In the temperature exceeds 60 ℃, the temperature is small. (6) ph value: the highest color yield the best ph value of 10.5-11.5, because the memory in this ph range of indigo in the form of single phenol salt have higher affinity and low solubility, increase cotton's dyeability. This carried over:
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