How to use HashMap in jsp

Today, the project encountered in the background needs to be passed in Map <String, List <Meeting>> dateGroup types of collection in the jsp to display the beginning thought a lot of trouble, resulting in online search a bit old so simple, He He:

 [b]<c:forEach items="${dateGroupMap}" var="dateGroup" >[/b]
                [b]<td width="20%" valign="bottom">${dateGroup.key[/b]}</td>
             [b]<c:forEach items="${dateGroup.value}" var="meeting">[/b]
                   <td colspan="4"><hr></td>

                 <tr height="20">
                    <td height="20">${meeting.startDate}
                                <c:if test="${not empty meeting.endDate}">
                    <td height="20">${meeting.title}</td>
                    <td height="20">${meeting.location}</td>
                    <td height="20">${meeting.content}</td>
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