How to improve the wet fastness

Keywords: how to improve the wet fastness of textile products, the impact of humidity Mount the main factors for color fastness, fabric type, weave structure; textile pre-treatment, such as desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerization, etc.; the choice of textile dyes, as well as process, temperature, time control is strict, but also aids in the selection and use is correct; textiles post-processing. These affect the moisture fastness of the factors, we should note the following points: 1, according to the analysis of textile materials science, the general chemical fiber fabrics than cotton and other natural fabrics better moisture fastness, thin fabric is better than the heavy fabric . Therefore, in textile processing, each process should be absorbed through the handle to increase the fiber can absorb the reaction of dye fixation or absorption, making full dyeing dye. In the dyeing process, the demands strict control on the additives used to select the correct. To improve moisture friction color fastness of textile products, in textiles, after processing, can be fully soaping, such as polyester fibers dyed with disperse dyes Beach moved to the high temperature setting led to the fiber surface, caused by rubbing down. In response, reinforcement color agent or agents can be smoothed to some extent improve the rubbing fastness. 2, select the dye, select and promote good dye levelness, good upgrade and leveling dyes are useful to the penetration and diffusion, can be increased to some extent from the wet rubbing fastness. Should have a certain water-soluble dyes and direct nature, water-soluble group can not be too much, otherwise it will affect the subsequent wet rubbing fastness. Should also be chosen directly by the middle of the best. The direct dyes selected should be of not too high, generally greater than 70%. 3, cotton and other natural fabrics relatively poor moisture fastness, and therefore should be selected in terms of yarn count cotton fabric evenly, smooth the fabric cloth. Pretreatment should be used if needed before effective treatment agent. 4, reactive dyeing water should use soft water or deionized water, thereby reducing the plasma calcium and magnesium in the water influence on the dye to enhance the absorbent fiber of the dye, so that dye molecules within the fiber more stable fixation. 5, using high efficiency fixing agent, fixing agent selected should be able to form links between dye and fiber compounds, reaction time with the dye, but also cross-linking reaction with the cellulose fibers to make dyes and fiber to close strong linked to enhance the combination of dye and fiber, to prevent the dye from the fibers on the fiber surface to move off or swimming, avoid fall color fastness. 6, the use of special additives, such as the increase in the depth of the dyed fabric finishing agents, can reduce the amount of dye, deep color effect obtained, while improving wet fastness. 7, emphasis dyed cloth of the pH value. Under normal circumstances because, deep color dyeing cotton fabrics with high alkali content, and then strengthen the washing, soaping and in and, with a base fabric can not prevent dyes after hydrolysis, resulting in decreased wet rubbing fastness. Control the pH value is usually 6.5-7.5 cloth, can not exceed 9 or less than 3. 8 after the dyed fabric from the improvement of the characteristics of fabric finishing, polishing treatment such as enzymes, making cloth finish increased friction becomes smaller, thereby enhancing its wet friction color fastness. 9, fiber floating color fastness of the moisture very bad, deep color of the fabric dyed with reactive dyes, should the two soap boiling, but the number of soap making has been too much will destroy the dye staining, which occurred the phenomenon of broken keys , resulting in decreased effectiveness. Had the test, the dyed fabric with anti-stain washing detergent (the amount of 2-3g / L, 95 ℃ treatment 10min), wet rubbing fastness can reach 3. When in actual large-scale production often occur many situations, Ru steam for pressure fluctuations of the temperature rise in a specified time is not high; block car Operation error or equipment failure Turan, Er Shi scheduled Chengxupianli, occurred to append color dyes, Er Shi process changes, etc., leading to differences in color fastness (including the cylinder difference). For some varieties of mechanical equipment and dyes, alkaline chemical agents, in a large production to make a very thorough washing after dyeing is not practical, it should be a reasonable choice. 10, due to floating color after reactive dyeing is difficult to remove and clean, so can be used in soap boiling appropriate stripping agent for stripping treatment to remove the cleaner float color to color the fabric to remove floating dyes and fiber to form a complete one, thus increasing its wet friction color fastness. 11, for the formation of reactive dyes and fiber covalent bond in the acid or alkaline conditions may become unstable or break situation, we can form a layer on its surface soft, tough, waterproof membrane, its refusal water and to improve the smoothness of a soft wet rubbing fastness. Sol - gel method (Sol Gel method) is an important preparation methods of inorganic membranes by sol - gel technique to form the fabric of different components of the film, can improve strength and wear-resistant fabric water and oil repellent, etc. increased to some extent from the wet rubbing fastness. However, there is a firm handle on their impact. Are reported in the literature, the Japanese side community developed YKA2955 oil and YKA2977, a 4:1 mixture of materials used for reactive dyes impregnated in the fabric surface to form a soft and tough films, which play to improve wet friction prison degree purposes. =================@### Page ###@=================Summing up 11 points, can be targeted effectively enhance the friction of textile products, moisture fastness. This carried over:

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