How to improve software reusability of test cases

Problem Description: In the system testing stage in the preparation of software testing use cases as little as a few hundred, as many as over 10,000, to spend a lot of time and a considerable portion of the software run only one or two test cases, poor reusability. Here I would like to discuss how to improve software testing use case reuse, especially between different projects.

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Test case for software reuse, I think a lot of software test engineer will be very something to say, the system changes frequently, business changes, the workflow is not uniform and so many real problems have hindered the development of software test case reuse process, but the financial turmoil, more and more IT companies are doing in order to reduce costs unflagging effort, such as product-based solutions and build reusable software system platform, the development of reusable components and other features so, no doubt, these will be for us to improve the reusability of test cases laid the foundation for the development staff did an aside, while we are here only for the testers themselves how to improve the complex test case to discuss it with sex:

Here need to first distinguish between what is manual or automatic test case test case?

First, for automatic test case, first of all is to change the script development methods, such as:

1. Data-driven scripts: the test data separate from the script, stored in an external file, when the data changes, no longer need to change the code, the script is relatively low maintenance costs

2. Keyword-driven script: the script checks the control points and perform the operation are maintained in an external file, the same data and code will be separated, can be said to combine data-driven method of script development, improved test scripts to share and reuse, drawback is that the script needs more programming development experience and design capabilities

Second, the manual test case, then we need to address the following questions:

1. Test case management tool: before that many discussions have not mentioned this, but I want to say is that advance preparation of its profits, a good test case management tool will absolutely be the test case reuse brings simple, convenient and fast, office document is more than suitable for the construction and maintenance of test case library

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