Hot forum JavaEye recommended in March the year -2009

Hot forum JavaEye recommended in March the year -2009

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Hot forum JavaEye recommended in March the year -2009

    Java programming and Java enterprise applications
  1. "Cottage" the framework of three crimes
  2. Just read the framework of a self-made posts, in fact, appear before the more of these posts, it could hang much noise. While some people like the proposed "Do not invent the wheel" pretty disgusted with the students, side by inventors themselves, and then wander up the software industry in China. Before it was to see to see "just SSH the company" strongly not. I would like to talk about my views.
    I think the framework of these things, we must first understand how to use it - this is rubbish, but is the most important. Some people really do not know why the use of the framework, to use a single product code mess.
    And then learn how to make good use of it may have followed the framework ...

  3. Should be upgraded to JDK6.0?
  4. Background music: "To not to join GCD", singing: Miss Sunny words : Xia.
    JDK5 is a huge turning point (generic, Annotation, concurrent JDK6 ...), and a security upgrade is the enhanced version of the new project is not or is not white or white or who does not rise, or the old project or white, it will be of no loss or has it nothing.

    A little about the official JDK6 compiled official Features and Enhancement Description


    Comparison of useful upgrades
    : ...

  5. Details of the realization of ConcurrentHashMap
  6. Java 5 in ConcurrentHashMap is to support high concurrency and high throughput to achieve thread-safe HashMap. Before I ConcurrentHashMap only a superficial understanding of some only know that it used a number of locks, is probably sufficient. However, in an interview after a painful experience, I think it must be the realization of in-depth study. Asked in the interview whether or not to lock time, as read-write conflict, I said, must be locked, and the interviewer, I also have taken place in the conflict, the result can be imagined. Or bet, carefully read through the source code, ...

  7. Written as a simple framework of the WEB, I hope we have given points
  8. Due to the need for the company wrote a very simple framework of the WEB, has been in the company's internal systems used in a lot of hope that we can give points to make: Features: 1. The front page and the back of JSP form java class ( This call is not from their own, and corresponds to the general MVC framework C) automatic matching, such as: first assume that all categories are on the form jnet.forms package, you have a front index.jsp, that this index . jsp code for all operations must be placed on ...

  9. XMemcached introduction (release 1.0-beta)
  10. xmemcached release 1.0-beta, from 0.60 directly to the 1.0-beta, the major improvements are as follows: 1, support for more agreement, to have reached an agreement on the basis of support added to append, prepend, gets, volume gets, cas the support of the agreement, the specific Please see examples of methods XMemcachedClient category. Cas operation focus.
    2, memcached distribution support, support for connecting multiple memcached server, to support more than simple distribution and consistency of the distribution of hash.

  11. Under the actual project data comparing the performance of serialization: PHPRPC vs Hessian2 vs AMF3
  12. (The latest test results, see the second page: Add AMF3)
    Actual project information in an enterprise as follows: 15,072 records, test results surprising: Hessian win too much, I do not know how the andot, the testing process is incorrect?
    Testing process is simple: read the data sheet to List all the data examples, and then serialized and saved to local hard disk data.
    Test environment: Oracle10, jdk1.5, 3G memory.
    Test results:
    The beginning of testing, after the sequence of binary data into a local file ...
    The total number of test records: 15072 ...

  13. Phprpc untied hessian serialization performance is higher than the secret
  14. Phprpc, is a claim that in some scenes, the performance is even higher than the hessian agreement.

    Javaeye andot the following url is an agreement to write two reports of the performance test:

    See this report is a bit agitated, then in the end it is the realization of the wisdom in this?

    In this article, I will give you simple to elaborate on why phprpc in some scenes, the performance ...

  15. Chinese word segmentation mmseg4j
  16. Paoding configuration using a bit complex and the management of the thesaurus is also a bit inconvenient, but also would like to know under the Chinese word segmentation algorithm, and then wanted to write a Chinese word segmentation, and in the use of lucene and solr. Javaeye see mmseg in the profile, read the next good, simple and convenient, then use it to write a java version, and I search mmseg the java version (like a solo, the official has already been downloaded can not), identify sub-word algorithm or writing your own.
    Really can not think of other names on the call mmseg ...

  17. Spring AOP example of a simple entry
  18. Serious Note: for reference only

    To share their own writing the most simple application of Spring AOP, in fact, and I was soon to learn Spring, just to share some personal understanding of, for reference. Many people may not understand the beginning of what is in the end AOP, in fact, it is also relative in terms of OOP, OOP similar thinking in fact it is a kind of programming. I put aside the AOP in the Spring as a way of understanding the interceptor (may be one-sided for the convenience of understanding).
    Popular understanding of individuals, like automated teller machines you money, the edge of a camera mounted ...

  19. Private Jay brother Joseph-issue of title
  20. Description of the problem
    Joseph the problem: There are n monkeys, according to election clockwise circle king (No. from 1 to n), from No. 1
    At the beginning of a few, have been a number of the m, to m the number of monkeys from the outside, followed by the rest of the monkeys began to count off from 1. In this way,
    Circle until only a monkey, this monkey is the Monkey King, the programming input for n, m, the output for the final of the King
    Input data
    Each line is separated by a space of two integers, the first is n, the second is m (0 <m, n <300). The last line of
    0 0

  21. A 01 day title JAVA
  22. Or I to continue the JAVA daily jythoner a title bar! Comparing the recent free Oh! I hope jythone Oh excuse me!
    Really sorry ah! Am a bit busy! Ha ha!

    Title: A draw procedures require readers to choose from an integer between 1-49 different figures 6. The preparation of a program to complete this work, and generate the results of 5 groups.

    package com.tengfei.lesson01;
    public class Lottery (
    public stati ...

  23. jBPM workflow application
  24. First, the environment configuration
    Environment is the basis of eclipse3 + myeclipse6 + mysql5 + tomcat6.
    First of all download from the site jBPM development kit (, is said to have risen jBPM3 now 3.2.6, and is said to have introduced the jBPM4. The after decompression, which has a \ designer file folders, this is the eclipse IDE plug-in jBPM, it can be ...

  25. ibatis template base class designed to operate all of, by, delete, change, search, page
  26. Introduced on 1: hibernate template base class design
    Ibatis explain this type of design template-based method to achieve the public to reduce the development workload
    Clear mission code cleaner
    EntityDAO class code is as follows:

    / **
    * (#) 1.0 2008-6-7 morning 09:25:37
    * /
    package com.keyi.util.dao;

    import ...

  27. jBPM4.0 the User's Guide (a)
  28. The project is finally on-line, and finally do not have to work overtime every day, so take time to translate the next jBPM4.0 documents. Translated according to their own understanding, if not fluent sentence or understand the problems, we can actively submit.

    Chapter 1 Introduction
    1.1. Permits and End User License Agreement
    jBPM is based on GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) and JBoss End User License Agreement (EULA) of the agreement released ...

  29. The User's Guide jBPM4.0 (b)
  30. Chapter 2 Installation Configuration
    2.1. Library
    jBPM does not need to rely on any other database can run on Java virtual machine, see the development of guidelines for the implementation of the object model. However, in this user guide we will introduce the use of the most common way of jBPM. That is, the jBPM process definition so that, process instance, the relationship between the history of record-keeping in the database. In this case, hibernate on the need to add in the classPath in, of course, jPDL is also the function of some other class library needed. Therefore, the lib directory to add all of the library ...

  31. JAVA language of the FTP server: Apache-FTP Server-1.0.0-source preliminary study
  32. Recently, another Apache written in JAVA a new project, called Apache-FTP Server, the current 1.0.0 version, this article is a basis of comparison to the 1.0.0 version of the preliminary study on the most simple
    Can under the Apache FTP Server to the latest version. Directly under the, which include the release of version and source code ...

  33. Filter special characters in Java regular expressions
  34. Looking online for a long time did not find a suitable regular expressions to filter special characters; their next study, wrote the two to achieve the requirements.
    / / Filter special characters
    Although A little old version of rails 2 .0.2 ruby 1.7

    rdoc is a new version of rails 2.2.2 ruby 1.8.6

    Chm version, or like to use, with time should also produce additional chm

  35. Ubuntu Linux under ruby 1.9.1 and Rails 2.3 upgrade Records
  36. Install ruby
    First of all, do not use ubuntu's apt-get install ruby, compile their own installation, this system can not use ubuntu upgrade apt-get upgrade ruby function, although in the highest degree of freedom, how would like to toss about how frustrating on.
    Download the source code of ruby 1.9.1.

    # Extracting file
    tar ...

    Web front-end technologies: AJAX and RIA

  37. You should be aware of several new technologies CSS3
  38. As a Web developer, Web standards maintained in the future concerns, learning and understanding is very important. Here are some of the CSS3 related articles and resources, whether you are ready to get to know the first CSS3, or have What fur , the following resources will help you better understand learning and CSS3.

    CSS3 English resources

    Look at the domain name, we know that this is a site devoted to CSS3. All you want to know about CSS3 information can be found here.

    Another website devoted to CSS3, including ...

  39. Mootools and Jquery choice between
  40. Portotype is powerful, and can make a lot of combination of perfection, but it is there are too many I do not want to use the code, perhaps this is my main reason behind the choice of mootools, I just want to selective package. In fact, I was very much like to use some jquery, careful comparison of what I do not think it more suitable for mootools I. More, have a chance to choose, I would like from the following five aspects to discuss the issue.
    VS concise readable
    Online, many people mootool ...

  41. Mootools, jQuery to make irresponsible remarks on the
  42. Many people see the discussion jQuery and Mootools, but the flow in the analysis of theory, for me to talk about some practical experience of it.
    First of all, the position clear, I am inclined to Mootools of, jQuery's a lot of things so I think he was just outstanding reputation, I will be following them out.
    Prototype release 1.6, I started at the same time concerned about the jQuery and the MT. MT was not known for jQuery, the code did not jQ wonderful, but when he has some very important features, such as conversion of Class Styles CSS, class action relief Tw ...

  43. Next KindEditor development plan
  44. KindEditor is a simple online HTML editor, supports the most popular browser, the main advantage lies in a simple, fast, easy customization, very suitable for blog, SNS diaries, WEB-mail and other Internet Web site.
    Version 3.1.1 was initialized after the total size of GZIP compression for 22KB, respectively, a JavaScript file, CSS file 2, 2 gif image, the current national rate of ADSL broadband is basically the moment to open.
    Deficiencies are:
    1. Each generated HTML browser inconsistencies.
    2. U ...

  45. show some results Extjs + j2ee project (collection of open-source views)
  46. Here are the various systems used extjs + easyjweb + spring + jpa + framework for the development of any database
    Blue Source SaaS revenue plan:
    Sites in the open source platform for open source release of the survey:
    Blue Source SAAS (...

  47. jquery ui Calendar plug-in (for color + type)
  48. Taking the time to jquery ui
    In the calendar to do a collation, integration of the call for color and several methods.

    Example.html document is to call the page I wrote, all the color themes and can call methods on this page to show through.

    example page, click View larger map

    A total of 17 color themes, the following chart, click View larger map

  49. Third, DWR configuration file and explain the conversion bean
  50. Detailed profiles with DWR converter bean
    1, understanding of the built-DWR configuration file
    DWR built-in configuration file provides the framework needed to configure some elements of the framework when it loads the information loaded into the framework. dwr configuration file as well as built-dwr.xml, and our outside dwr.xml configured with a dtd, but why should we built? Dwr because when the load would go to load the default configuration file, What is the purpose? We turn first,

  51. Workflow engine Javascript code and examples
  52. Recent study jBPM and Javascript, so the concept of their own in accordance with the relevant written 200 lines of code following the "workflow engine", workflow management system includes a process definition, engines, and applications of three major elements, the following code a branch of the merger process, is currently only supports the migration of a link. Double-click to download html annex can be run up.
    Process definition /*///////// ///////////
    / \
    1 \
    / \ \ ...

    Mobile phone programming and application development

  53. [Original] Android Market How to make money part 1 - paid app fee app
  54. With my first successful payment transaction app, I would like there is a need to write how Android app certification, release, to make money in several processes to share with you, I hope you will try to develop a conditional number of Android free or pay a small software development opportunities for the future of mobile will be a lot, and now first hand Practice on how to develop Android app , not described in detail here, a lot of related articles outside.
    Released before the app, you need a google id, and then to register as android de ...

  55. [Original] Android Market to make money how to part 2 - free app incidental ad
  56. If your app users in terms of the volume of the potential is enormous, and users will always use your app, such as twitter client, SNS, etc. Plug-ins, you can consider the manner in which advertising revenue release free app.
    Speaking of advertising banners, we will not be a stranger. The most popular is the google adsense. But I am not impressed by adsense. They have a adsense account, but from time to time advertising will become a public service ads, and low-income, -__-# has not ...

  57. [Original] iPhone AppStore how to make money part 1 - paid app
  58. iPhone is hot now, one of the development platform. developers only need to properly do their own app, sales of receivables transactions logistics and distribution channels to get by Apple, opened 37 income, Apple 3, developers 7. Compared to North America operators at every turn here, 40 +% to force developers to share revenue, Apple is a very honest and kind. There is no doubt that the early success of several of the app is to allow a group of people to make the first pot of gold son. Of course, when we all eager, iPhone the development of Chinese cabbage is a bit of the beginning of a trend. But ...

    Microsoft. Net

  59. [Ray Linn] using Visual Studio 2008 development of IE BHO (Browser Helper Objects), one of
  60. This article is the request of the students wrote, in the past are using VC + + 6.0 + Platform SDK completed. Migrated to VS2008, the original Visual Studio 6.0 Wizard no longer exists in the BHO, so like going to great lengths to detail, this article apply to VS2005.
    First of all, to talk about the development of tools for BHO, I tend to use the VC + + (unmanaged C + +) as a development tool, because the Java JVM or. Net CLR virtual machine is a very heavy things, but also memory killer, ...


  61. Happy to write a network of friends to view the fruits of a small program
  62. With python2.6 written to run with 2.5 which may have to change the relevant parts of json
    Is actually a vegetable garden next to the button functions, but not so much time watching old browsers to open that thing, so do the
    #! / usr / bin / env python
    # -*- Coding: utf-8 -*-
    # Coded by Daniel King

    import re, time, thread, webbrowser
    from Tkinter i ...

  63. python vs ruby
  64. 1.python target language is weak, and the ruby is a pure object language
    python object can not run, but the ruby is the foundation of Object.
    And python packages bound for the weak, and the relative strength of ruby.
    For example, a class of examples of dog.
    python: = "dogy" equivalent to the dog to give a property
    ruby: = "dogy" error, dog did not ...

  65. python vs javascript
  66. The structure python (including class, function and class instances) and the javascript of the structure (Object and function) to achieve some similar and some different.
    python and the class of data storage function are around Victoria __dict__.
    Object properties and methods inside there.
    The javascript object of (Object or function) should have two hash stored data, a prototype, one is xxx (now ...

    Integrated Technical

  67. Memcached source code analysis (threading model)
  68. At present, the analysis of the Internet on the memcached memory management is part of the following thread model of memcached to do a simple analysis of
    Where there is something wrong please correct me also on memcahced and you are not familiar with libevent of google
    Look at the thread under the memcahced start the process of dealing with
    The multi-threaded memcached mainly through a number of examples of libevent to achieve, namely, a main thread and thread-n-workers
    Both the main thread or the thread of all workers through the lib ...

  69. D language compiler of DMD open source!
  70. Since December 1999, Walter has been designed and developed D language, D language compiler DMD because it is not open source, has become the industry's criticism. Walter had promised to open source. The great Walter Bright in March 5, 2009 pm 18:40 (China time) on the release of the D1 and D2 of the front-end and back-end source code! ! Open-source agreement GPL1.0 or Artistic license. Looked at the back-end agreement, Digital Mars and SYMANTEC have the version of ...

  71. KeyValue DB of redis
  72. redis, is quick off Wang in je chat about a keyvalue database, the name of the 'entry-level servers' on the 10w / s set ops title to high-performance Hoodwinked into many monkeys do not know the truth of the procedure .
    In fact, the so-called 'entry-level server' server is a Xeon X3320 2.5Ghz machine, in my
    AMD Athlon (tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000 + desktop, benchmark results are
    Quote ==== ...

  73. Reading "DataBase Sharding at Netlog", see DataBase Scale Out
  74. Today read "Database Sharding at Netlog, with MySQL and PHP" article, and last year we discussed the idea of expansion is very similar (although the expansion of this distributed, computing, storage ideas are very similar), but the author of this article is in the increasingly explosive growth of user data sharing in practice, so there will be some of the thinking of the text record to share.
    Netlog has a 40 million active users each month in more than 50 million unique users visit the Web site ...

    Software development and project management

  75. Schedule a time to rush the project, members are limited
  76. Received a new project, the demand for design, coding stage is
    Before coding, the development of members from outside the art, there are 3 candidates, one is me, two colleagues, from the demand, and design are introduced, also provide the relevant documents. After the progress of arrangements, there are no problems, started to develop.
    Comparing the timing of the compact, as customers rush.
    Is very common used in the SSH, the permission to use acegi to do this, two other members I do not understand very well, so arrangements for the two relatively simple, a table of the database to check for additions and deletions, including one-to-many or many-to-one relationship, I ...

  77. TDD is to develop efficient code for quality (original title: unit testing / TDD the costs and benefits)
  78. Recently, I engaged in the company's code review process do find a problem: the assessment found a problem, so the need for reconstruction, but reconstruction of the need to do to improve the protection of the unit testing, and development project is nearing the end, there is no basic unit found that the problem can only be set aside, it is very difficult because you are determined to perfect a thing to take away the risk of damage to it!
    This way, code review will be a mere formality
    I realized that TDD has a code review with close links, in fact, previously heard that 12 practice quick are intrinsically linked.

  79. Also talk about the loss of IT staff Joseph Tobin
  80. A company or team will be the loss of experienced staff may be more serious in small companies. The most horrible thing is an important member of the team's loss of business or will the project result in no small trouble. Look at how exactly this problem? Many people have made their own opinion, debate is also very strong.
    As the saying goes: "decided to head butt", in fact, we take different positions, different conclusions.
    A lot of managers, employees will not complain about professional ethics, not stand up to the temptation; some people complain about too hateful search, IT job market disruption; then there are those who do not desire for peer-accused, get high ...

    Introduction to the discussion

  81. Collection of comparison algorithm (Java)
  82. Recently made a small test, the two sets of comparison, the aim is to delete the same two data collections.
    Were used to List, Map, and Set test
    Comparison of the use of List
    10000 user data (the same 6000 users, 4,000 different users), compared to complete 1531 hours total time in milliseconds
    100000 user data (the same 60,000 users, 40,000 different users), time to complete a total of comparable time-consuming 143,735 ms
    Comparison of the use of Map
    10000 user's data (60,000 users of the same, 4 ...

  83. Struts + Spring + Hibernate post-influenza
  84. The recent use of the time looked good SSH, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, and made a small project, I put my personal feelings and understanding of learning in mind down, and we discuss the discussion, wanted to come to a start, hope that a lot of discussion, understanding of the wrong place, please speak with us.
    Struts, is responsible for that layer, the main game is the MVC, is the main struts-config.xml configuration file, as well as labeling and certification. Is mainly responsible for the request and response separated from the formation of layered guitar ...

  85. email javamail
  86. Learned today about JavaMail, javamail send e-mail is indeed a problem of too much trouble. In order to use after he wrote the above code, labeled jar package to facilitate future use. Ha ha the following three sections of code is all my code, my friends if you want to use, can be directly copied. jar package because I do not know how to spread the javaeye, so go back to their friends play it.
    My code has three categories:
    The first category:
    package com.util.mail;
    / * ...

  87. Dtree + Jquery examples of dynamic spanning tree node "can refer to new"
  88. Dtree + Jquery Dynamic spanning tree node.
    A friend of mine recently asked me how to do a dynamic spanning tree. Dtree js was used Jquery components and to achieve a demo to him. Now posted out to do a reference for beginners.

    1. The first to tell us. Dtree use. (And I quote a previous article I have collected. Also in more detail, you do not remember the source). Dtree attached article will use the following example.
    Summary tree Dtree
    A: letter ...

  89. David was the first under the Groovy
  90. Oh, the code below, looks very familiar, right? Guess what is the output?
    println new URL ( ""). openConnection (). getInputStream (). getText ();
    Simple statement of his party, blog everything inside of the print, it is important that, I just need to know how to do in java on the list. . .
    You can even this ...

  91. Been thoroughly impressed groovy
  92. Groovy conquest was complete:
    Groovy people At first is how to resolve the xml :
    <week capacity="8">
    <task done="2" total="2" title="read XML chapter" />
    <task done = ...

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