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    The process of development, will inevitably be used to determine the version of the browser, usually we use the following Javascript to achieve, but also with reference to articles JE JS to determine the type of browser (whether or not to use IE, Fir ...

  • Flex development Introduction to Flex development Document options Print this page Send as an e-mail this page Level: Junior Liu ( ), A software engineer, IBM Software Development Center January 7, 2

  • Help (RUBY)

    (in F: / dd) !!! The bundled mysql.rb driver has been removed from Rails 2.2. Please install the mysql gem and try again: gem install mysql. rake aborted! 126: The specified module could not find. - C: / Ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/mysql-2.7.3-x86-ms ...

  • hibernate mapping files easy to use formula

    Not previously used formula, today Tried , Student and books or use the one-to-many relationship to illustrate: Students.hbm.xml: Books.hbm.xml: Test code: Results: Hibernate implementation from the statement, we can see bookCount of Students through ...

  • Pony Ma about product design and development of internal seminars

    Background: pony is chief experience officer, chief product manager. At the summit of the Products will be pony up their own experience with the normal exchange of U.S. experience smaller. The sharing of R & D Management, Design Center Materials ...

  • Object-Oriented javascript - object-wide solution

    Belong to reprint this article Author: Topcss QQ: 419074376 E-mail: andpai1.0 @ Time :2008-11 month Background: JavaScript quick contacts for two years. From the start of her full of curiosity, and now a ...

  • ***** JavaScript function advanced programming of the same name, the implementation of the order of [original] *****

    Author: Topcss QQ: 419074376 E-mail: andpai1.0 @ Time :2008-10-20 Background: This is to help teachers make a Friend of Writing for class teaching. When we JavaScript, it is necessary to the implementation of a function are often written li ...

  • ***** JavaScript object-oriented object-wide solution [half of original] *****

    Author: Topcss QQ: 419074376 E-mail: andpai1.0 @ Time :2008-11 on Background: JavaScript quick contacts for two years. From the start of her full of curiosity, and now a lot of study about Her framework. Friend ask me: there are so many framewor

  • JavaScript is an object-oriented MVC-based framework for the implementation of non-absolute [original] [add precision application]

    Author: Topcss QQ: 419074376 E-mail: andpai1.0 @ Time :2009-03-08 Just look at JavaEye News Monthly - January 2009 - No. 11 overall, he saw a surprise, there is JS-based implementation of the MVC framework, because should not the Internet ( ...

  • WebQQ, ExtJs + Servlet + Hibernate + Spring implementation

    Code for the development of boredom when using ExtJs + Servlet + hibernate (Ant + xdoclet generate HBM files) + spring implementation, Pure whim, but implementation has been more than chat, group chat, what's not achieve, nor how to consider the perfo

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