HQL output property of the nested object query examples:
select t.name from Topic t
where t.topicId
(select a.topicId from Acl as a where a.roleId = 1)

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    Hibernate query in Query mode of a simple example Classes is a simple JavaBean class, containing only such property, constructor, get / set methods package test; import java.util.List; import org.hibernate.HibernateException; import org.hibernate.Que

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    Hibernate Criteria was designed as a parent CriteriaSpecification interface provides the following Criteria and DetachedCriteria. Criteria and DetachedCriteria The main difference is not the same as the form is created, Criteria is online, so it is c

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    schema.xml configured devices query the Chinese word, but the search results unpleasantness, solr and did not follow the word to search. For example search for "I want to eat," and did not contain "meal" of documents to search out. Res

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    CREATE ON REPLACE PROCEDURE raise_salary(num number, increase number) is BEGIN update emp set sal*sal+increase where empno=no; end; Like the stored procedure. When the process of building raise_salary, the UPDATE statement quoted in the EMP table. So

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    The hql statement in Hibernate can be used such as select new com.domain.User (name, passwd) from Users in the form String hql = " select new com.domain.User(name,passwd) from Users"; Query query = session.createQuery(hql); // The default query

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    First, we need to do is to determine which query, we are ready to perform. In our example, we want to retrieve all items matching the given case, regardless of whether they attribute properties in the title or description. The next step is the prepar

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    package jwis.retest; import wt.fc.ReferenceFactory; import wt.fc.WTReference; import wt.method.RemoteMethodServer; import wt.part.WTPart; import wt.query.QueryException; import wt.query.QuerySpec; import wt.query.SearchCondition; import wt.query.Wher

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