hibernate lazy loading failed

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Concerned about the javaeye has been more than a year, but had no opportunity to write a log. Today, they wanted big cow jokes are not afraid of you wrote a log. Want to beginners strtus, hibernate, spring who have some help.

The lazy loading, I no longer introduced. I believe that if it used the hibernate will have a certain understanding of. The javaeye also saw a lot of similar problems. Here I need not repeat.

If there is a similar error, first check whether the web.xml to configure the following code:


Many people in the configuration of the above code, but problem is still there. This will be done the following analysis:

Each request, whether it has passed through a OpenSessionInViewFilter this filter. If they do not it, then your configuration is actually invalid. Therefore, I recommend this configuration to the web.xml to configure the first filter to avoid interference! The more I have been to a lot of people ask me, the problem ultimately lies in the place. In particular the inclusion of strtus later. Easily lead to such problems, such as the following configuration:

<!-- Struts filter -->

StrutsPrepareAndExecuteFilter configuration must OpenSessionInViewFilter after.

The reason is simple: StrutsPrepareAndExecuteFilter have all been blocked, OpenSessionInViewFilter will fail!
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