HIbernate Jpa generating entities

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  • HTML Character Entities 2010-03-29

    HTML character entities (Character Entities) Some characters in the HTML, there are special meaning, such as less than the number ", says HTML Tag beginning, this is less than number is not displayed on our website to see inside the final. That if we

  • HTML character entities (Character Entities), escape the string (Escape Sequence) 2010-03-30

    Why use escape string? HTML has special meaning in <,>,& other (<,>, for the link to sign, & used for escape), can not be used directly. These symbols are not displayed in the page to see where we end up, then if we want the page to di

  • Encoding and decoding HTML entities 2010-03-21

    <script type = " text/javascript " > // Encoding :document.getElementById("test").innerText = encode("<p>test</p>");//<p>test</p> function encode(input){ var converter = document.createElement(&q

  • LINQ to Entities: Supported and Unsupported Methods 2010-03-05

    entity framework linq to entities. net 3.5 Linq to Entities in support and not support the method, the most common way is not supported Contains Here are a list of Microsoft gives hope in the plan to use EntityFramework friends help: LINQ to Entities

  • Nutz DAO lazy loading entities associated with the object 2010-04-23

    Previously been using Hibernate, accustomed to the lazy loading of related entities. Recently used Nutz, which did not provide support for lazy loading, and thus be expanded about their own code to support lazy loading Dao. So users do not need to co

  • (X) HTML character entities to retain 2010-06-10

    HTML 4.01 supports ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) character set. ISO-8859-1 in the lower part (from 1 to 127 between the code) is the original 7-bit ASCII. ISO-8859-1 in the upper part (from 160 to 255 of the Code) all have the entity name. These symbols of Mo

  • Character value for html entities 2010-10-19

    First, what is the html entities can be found in: HTML Entities , list all the named entities can be seen: HTML4 , since nothing changes, in addition to named entities can also use the digital entity, see the html entity encoding. You can use html en

  • Corporate entities and a small ledger a conclusion (to) 2010-10-26

    First, for EBS in the ledger and legal entity and a hierarchical relationship between OU below: Which, for the ledger and legal entity, not a simple one to many relationship, in accordance with the theoretically: the existence of secondary ledger led

  • Entities in the DTD, how to declare 2010-12-28

    Entities are variables used to define shortcuts to standard text or special characters. Entity references are references to entities Entities can be declared internal or external <!ENTITY entity-name "entity-value"> <!-- Internal -->

  • Use native SQL query JPQL and JPA entities (rpm) 2010-12-30

    Of: Yuli Vasiliev Learn how to use the Java Persistence query language and native SQL query JPA entities. Published September 2008 In the Java EE, Java Persistence API (JPA) is a standard for accessing relational database API, which provides a simple

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